Christmas is approaching fast and we’re seeing a bunch of awesome apps and games being launched these days for Android users all over the world. We have one app that will help you track Santa’s whereabouts, a bunch of great games, with the most important launch being Peter Molyneux’s Godus. But there are many other interesting new apps and games that you’ll find below, so go ahead and have a good look!

Google Santa Tracker (Freegoogle-santa-tracker

The official Google Santa Tracker has already gone live on the Play Store, and you can download it from today to make sure you won’t miss it when the 24th comes. And, as a matter of fact, on the official webpage, Google informs us that Santa has already departed! By using the app on your Android device, you will be able to play games with elves in jetpacks, rolling gumballs, and sleighs powered by rockets. And once the 24th arrives, you will be able to follow Santa in his journey around the world.

World of Tanks Blitz (Free)

world-of-tanksWargaming’s World of Tanks is an immensely popular browser-based MMO action game, and now it has become available for Android players, as well, through the official World of Tanks Blitz Android game. Built specifically for optimal online mobile gameplay, the game features an impressive roster of over 100 massive tanks, stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screen controls. So, if you are looking for some action-packed 7vs7 tank battles or you want to take your game to Android, go ahead and get it.

Device Assist (Free)device-assist

Google has launched the new Device Assist app which helps users detect problems with smartphones and helps them use the phone features properly. Designed to help first-time users get the best out of their phones and fix issues that it detects, the app is available for users of the Nexus, Google’s flagship phone and Google Play edition devices. What’s really cool is that there is even an option of live Google support. Use the app to get proactive help with detected issues and also get tips to explore new features and improve the performance of your device.

Call of Duty: Heroes (Free)

call-of-duty-heroesActivision Publishing’s action game Call of Duty: Heroes has made its way recently on Android devices, as well. You will be able to command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call of Duty franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. It’s also possible to customize your base and train elite forces as well as take command of a small outpost and build it up into an impenetrable base. Take direct control of heroes such as Price, Soap, and Harper, wreaking havoc with game-changing Killstreaks and create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

Godus (Free)godus

I personally have been expecting this game for quite a while now, so I went ahead and downloaded it without any second thoughts. So far, I am totally enjoying it and gladly recommend it to any god-game fan out there. Godus is the first game from DeNA Corp, a new company established by Peter Molyneux. You will be able to use your touch to physically shape, mold and sculpt every inch of the landscape, making it unique to you. Be loved and worshipped by tiny, devoted Followers and watch them live, learn, and grow in a fully simulated world. This is a unique game that’s worth giving a try.

Bitcoin Billionaire (Free)

bitcoin-billionaireNoodlecake Studios Inc is one of the most known Android developers and now it looks to appeal to geeky bitcoin miner with the new Bitcoin Billionaire game. Described as ‘an idle clicker that’s all about raking in bitcoins and building up a massive fortune’, the game is already enjoying great ratings. The description is pretty enticing: ‘you start with almost nothing: a run-down office, a rickety old desk, a crummy computer.’ You play by tapping the screen and this mining virtual bitcoins and slowly increase your wealth. You will then be able to spend digital dough to upgrade that ;awful furniture into swanky things like entertainment centers and priceless works of art’. Go ahead and give it a try!

Shou.TV (Free)shou.tv_

Described as ‘an amazing community for Android and iOS gamers to broadcast, watch, chat and discover new friends and awesome games anytime, anywhere’, Shou.TV is something like Twitch for Android. The app is free, comes with unlimited time and size for videos, no ads, no watermark, a stable system API and hardware accelerated rendering and encoding, Android Lollipop 5.0 support and no root screen recording. So, if you want to share with your friends how good you are at Android games, this is what you should use.

RGB Express (Free)

rgb-expressPassionate about puzzle games? Then you definitely need to try the new RGB Express Android game from Bad Crane. Touted as a ‘unique and beautiful puzzle game’ that is ‘simple to play, yet super addictive’, RGB Express is a game about a company which is specialized in ‘delivering colors’. The game works like this – you draw routes for your drivers and make sure that every house receives the correct package, then just press play and see the result. The game comes with 200 free levels, an easy gameplay that is suitable for all ages, lots of challenges for puzzle game fans, beautiful graphics and an excellent soundtrack and hilarious sound effects.

C Notice (Free)c-notice

C Notice is a new Android app that lets you receive floating notifications from selected applications and keep track of everything that is important to you. You can do all this directly from the lock screen, without having to access your phone’s status bar. The floating notification icons include unread text messages, missed calls, upcoming calendar events and reminders, unread emails, app notifications. You can also do a lot of customization, which makes it even better.

Twisty Hollow ($1.99)

twisty-hollowTwisty Hollow is a new Android game from Arkadium Games developer that is currently available for a special price. The description sounds rather intriguing – ‘a self-appointed mayor is spinning the town of Twisty Hollow out of order with nonsensical rulings. His cryptic instructions range from the culinary – bacon is frowned upon – to the absurd (fashion tips for ghosts!?)’. With many good reviews from dedicated gaming websites, the new title comes with 50 unique levels full of wacky surprises, unique controls built for touch screens from the ground up and much, much more.

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