As a person who likes to run in the park, I can confirm that getting a fitness tracker has improved my daily work out routine by making it more interactive. So if you’re looking to get one yourself but are constrained by the high price, maybe you could be interested in this new $30 fitness tracker from Movo.


With its price, the Movo Wave is cheaper than the recently announced Jawbone Up Move and Misfit Flash, both of which sell for $50. You can use the gizmo to understand better your daily activity by tracking steps, distance traveled and calories burned. While not sporting an exquisite design, the Wave doesn’t look bad either, and also comes with color customization options.

The Movo Wave app will also be available for free download later this month on the App Store and in early 2015 on Google Play. Just like other similar devices, it will sync through your mobile device’s headphone jack. Users will be able to view steps, distance and calories burned and also keep track of their activity through daily snapshots and monthly calendars. The app also charts the ups and downs of your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned over time, which lets you have a general overview.

Another cool feature is the ability to pair daily activity with a photo. So, this way, you will remember better what you were doing on a given day and make certain days seem more exciting.

Of course, there are drawbacks, as well, considering its price. Albeit the device is water-resistant, it is made out of plastic. It lacks a sleep and an exercise mode, features present on slightly more expensive devices. The battery is said to last up to 2 weeks on a full charge, so there’s no compromise here. All in all, this is a gadget aimed at those who look to get stimulated to increase their physical activities, but it won’t seem too interesting to athletes or workout buffs.

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