If you enjoyed our previous post on top 25 new Android games from 2014, it’s now time to have a look at some of the Android apps that have been released this year on the Play Store. Of course, it’s hard to include all of them, so if you don’t find your favorite app in this list, it’s not because it doesn’t deserve it but because we just can’t fit them all here. But I’m sure that you will definitely enjoy this collection as it is. Also, all of them are arranged in no particular order, since it’s pretty hard to say which should be number and which should not.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft has managed to surprise everybody by allowing mobile users to edit and save Microsoft Office documents completely for free. So if you somehow missed the news, this is an absolute must-have.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for a huge amount, but this hasn’t stopped them from releasing a ‘rival’ product – the Messenger app that is now mandatory for all mobile users.

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft has released this year quite a bunch of Android apps and one of them is Xim. By using it, you can easily share your photos with all your friends in a very easy way.

Google Now Launcher

With this new app, user get Google Now on their home screens, so all they need to do is to say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input. After that, just say your search query and you’re good to go!


Albeit YouTube is the king of online video, services like Dailymotion and Vimeo are pretty reliable, as well. So if you are a Dailymotion user, go ahead and install it on your Android smartphones or tablets.


Dropbox is extending beyond its main business, which is storage, with the launch of new Mailbox and Carousel apps. Just as the name suggests, it’s an app that’s meant to improve your email experience and the above video seems to suggest this, too.

Skype Qik

Skype Qik is the first new app that the Skype team has developed. It is meant to be a free video messenger that lets you communicate within groups by using a pristine user interface.


This year has been marked by rising concerns over privacy and online anonymity. Secret is one such app that lets you share anonymously with friends, co-workers and people nearby.


Another hot topic nowadays is automation and the Internet of Things. By using the new IFTTT app for Android, users can create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. Go ahead and start automating your life

Nokia Here

Nokia’s mapping app for Android is one of the latest entries, as we’ve seen the company officially release it on the Play Store not so long ago. Albeit still in Beta, the app has already been downloaded by millions across the world.

Facebook Groups

With the new Facebook Groups app for Android, you will be able to create a group for just about anything, share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch as well as discover and join new groups.

Beats Music 

Beats has been one of the most talked about companies this year, thanks to their buyout from Apple. But not only iOS users will benefit from their services, as there is an official Android app, as well.

Google Fit

Another hot topic this year has been the focus on health and fitness activities, fueled by the rise of trackers and smartwatches. By using the new Google Fit app for Android, you will be able to analyze your daily activities and become healthier.


If you are traveling quite often, then chances are you are using AirBnb. Now you can do so from your Android device to discover thousands of places to stay in more than 34,000 cities  and nook one-of-a-kind accommodations.


There are many brain training games and apps for Android, but one of the best is, without any doubt, Lumosity. So, if you want to train your memory and attention, try an app that is used by over 60 million people worldwide.

SketchBook Express

Autodesk’s new SketchBook Express for Android is designed as a professional-grade paint and drawing application. So if you plan on doing some serious sketching or drawing on your Android device, this is the app you need to be looking for.

Opera Max

Opera Max is a new data compression app for Android which promises up to 50 percent savings by compressing videos, photos, and texts across most applications. Have a look at our own video from above that we took at MWC 2014.

Yahoo News Digest

To compete with Google’s News service, Yahoo has launched the News Digest service which has extended to Android, as well. Users get news digests are delivered twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

TuneIn Radio

One of the most popular radio services, TuneIn Radio, has become available in 2014 on Android devices, as well. Use it to listen to the world’s largest collection of radio stations on your phone or tablet, absolutely free.

Google Keep

Android is Google’s child, so this explains why there are so many new apps from them. With the new Google Keep note taking app, the search giant hopes it can take on such services as Evernote.


Albeit it’s regarded by many as a WhatsApp clone, Telegram has managed to survive thanks to their claim that it is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a special distributed infrastructure.

BBC iPlayer

After being available only for iOS, the BBC iPlayer app has landed on Android, as well. Use it to watch live TV over Wi-Fi and cellular networks, as well as download TV programmes to watch later.

RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer is one of the most popular media players for desktop devices and at the beginning of this year it landed on Android, as well. Use it to watch your PC, phone & tablet videos on TV wirelessly and share your videos with friends & family privately.


TransferWise is a new service that aims to disrupt how are money being currently sent abroad. Touted to be 90% cheaper than your bank, it lets you avoid hidden fees by sending money with your debit card.


WeTransfer for Android is a new app that lets you send photos & videos up to 10GB completely for free. The app comes with a really simple user interface that makes it incredibly easy to use.


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