When travelling or having to remote, there are many situations when we are struck with our smartphones’ battery life quickly depleting. That’s why many of us resort to a power bank that we carry around and use it to recharge our dead gizmos. To celebrate one year in the smartphone business, super hot newbie OnePlus has announced that it will unveil a 10,000 mAh power bank in 2015 that will retail for just $15.


OnePlus’ upcoming Power Bank will pack a nice 10,000 mAh that you will be able to use for your smartphone, tablet, and other USB powered devices. If you buy it for your OnePlus One, then this should be enough to provide three full charges. And at just $15, this is a killer deal.

The device comes with dual USB ports, with each of them being capable of outputting 2A at 5V. The pack measures 142.8 × 72.6 ×one-plus-power-bank-cheap 16.2 mm and weighs 220g, which won’t make it too heavy to carry around. The pack will come in both Silk White and Sandstone Black options to go along with the OnePlus One version you have chosen. You can charge your smartphone and another device in the same time, as it allows for two units to be charged simultaneously.

There’s a dedicated charging port which takes approximately 5.5 hours to completely power up the pack. It also gets short-circuit, overcharging and overheating protection. The power bank also comes with battery indicator LEDs that will tell you how much power is left with “a gentle shake.”

OnePlus says that ‘every inch of the Power Bank was designed with users in mind‘, featuring sleek lines, gentle curves, and an ‘emphasis on minimalism‘. Right now we only have some rendered images to judge how the device will look like, but it seems to be a great looking, useful and affordable device. Clearly, OnePlus isn’t looking to make any money out of this, but instead looking at it as a branding/marketing strategy, much like its Chinese elder brother, Xiaomi.


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