Apple is known for filing dozens of patents and today we’ve decided to talk about a recent one that seems quite interesting. The iPhone maker was granted a new stylus design patent which describes a smart pen that is capable of detecting hand movements and converting them into digital line drawings or text.


This new patent allows users to write on paper and have their notes simultaneously transferred to their iPhone or iPad. This might not sound so revolutionary, and that’s because other companies have created similar products, such as Livescribe’s “smartpen” which uses an infrared camera that located in its tip in order to capture handwriting. However, this gadget requires special paper and also comes with other drawbacks that are eliminated by Apple’s design.

Apple also envisions a built-in dock for the pen that seems to be held in place by using magnets. The pen that Apple talks about in its patent is basically a stylus that allows its owner to write on regular paper, but what makes it so special is that it can be used to write on any surface. Apple’s stylus is said to work on accelerometers and other motion-sensing hardware. Here are some more details about how it would function:

The stylus may be used for entering data into the computing device without actually touching the device nor requiring any specialized paper. Rather, the stylus is able to enter data into the computing device, corresponding to images or text drawn draw on any surface. Additionally, the stylus can enter the data from a distance, such as from across the room, to the computing device. This allows a user in one embodiment to keep the computing device stored, for example with a cellular phone, in his pocket and still be able to use the stylus to enter text or drawings into the device.

The patent was filed back in 2010, with Aleksandar Pance of Saratoga, CA named as the patent owner. What’s curious is that Apple filed for ten new iPen patents in 2014 and that’s beside the already granted ones. So, could we see Apple launch a smart accessory of its own, after such a long while?

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