The year is yet to run out, but rumor is rife that Lenovo is getting ready to release a new phone at CES. And nope, it is not a flagship or high-end device but from the sounds of it, something that will pretty much be a shot fired across the decks of Xiaomi’s bestselling Redmi Note 4G.

We have not been given exact details yet, but Lenovo says that it plans to launch “a Snapdragon based 410 LTE device to India with an aggressive price point.” We did a bit of scratching and searching among our distributor sources and well, what seems to be emerging is a device that could – and we stress ‘could’ because this is based on sources that are not official – be a potential challenger to the Xiaomi Redmi Note indeed.

For, from what we could gather, the device is likely to pack a large-ish 720p display (5.0 inches and thereabouts), with twin cameras that our sources say will be 8 and 5.0-megapixel cameras. RAM will stand at 2GB and storage will be either 8GB or 16GB onboard. Dual SIM connectivity is also expected, although the version of Android is not clear. Honestly, we expect KitKat with Lenovo’s Vibe UI on top.


Going purely be the stated specifications, this can very well be the Lenovo K3 or a variant of that. The K3 was announced earlier this month in China and is retailing for CNY 599 (~$97). Apparently, it’s selling very well and Lenovo might be taking it global at CES in Jan 2015.

Of course, the big challenge out here is going to be the price. Considering that the Redmi Note is retailing at Rs 9,999 and the Cyanogen-driven Yureka from Micromax’s sister Yu brand is going for Rs 8,999, we reckon that Lenovo would have to pull a similar price tag out of their hats or maybe even a lower one. If it is indeed a variant of Lenovo K3, that price would be around Rs 5,999. And oh yes, the moment we see decent specs and a low price, our minds go “it is an online exclusive” so we would advise keeping an eye on the likes of Flipkart and Amazon.

“The device will be launched in India soon after it is showcased at CES 2015” as per the information we received from Lenovo. That would mean sometime in mid-to-late January. Now, THAT would be an excellent start to the year, we think.

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