Seldom has a phone arrived in the Indian market with so much controversy. When Micromax announced its exclusive tie-up with Cyanogen (a company known for making a highly customized version of Android) and the launch of a new brand, YU, to represent it, the market had been buzzing in anticipation about what the devices under the new brand would be like. Then towards the end of the year, the Yureka was unveiled, complete with CyanogenMod, decent specs, and a surprisingly low price of Rs 8,999 (about USD 150). It goes on sale, exclusively online on Amazon India, from January 13. The big question of course, is: is it worth investing in?

Looks smart enough

We had covered the appearance of the Yureka in our first impressions of the device, but to summarise once again, it is a phone that looks smart rather than spectacular. It is definitely not a head turner but is not an eyesore by any means either. We certainly cannot see people turning their noses up at it. It is slim enough at 8.8 mm and at around 150 grammes, relatively lightweight too. The front is jet black barring a small sphere for the home button, which gets flanked by the back and theme setting buttons when you power on the display. Design is largely minimalistic – volume rocker on the left, power/display button on the right, 3.5 mm audio jack on top, and micro USB port on the base. The back has the camera with a flash on the top and a speaker grille on the lower part.


We said it in our first impressions and we repeat the point – we really think Micromax missed out on a chance to cash in on the YU branding on the back of the device. The light blue YU logo on the greyish (moonstone grey is the official name) back does not really grab attention. In sum, the Yureka is not an ambassador of smartphone style by any means, but it is certainly a decent looking device. Yes, we have heard that it is in fact a rebranded version of another Chinese device, but honestly, we do not see how it retracts from its appearance.

Packs in the hardware

In terms of hardware, the Yureka is very well stocked for a device at its price point. That 5.5-inch display is a 1280 x 720p affair, giving it a reasonable pixel density of 267 ppi and has an oleophobic coating as well as Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to stave off smudges and scratches. Powering it is a 64-bit octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz, with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, which is expandable using a memory card. There are twin cameras on the phone – a 5.0-megapixel front facing camera and a 13.0-megapixel one which has Sony’s IMX 135 CMOS sensor. The phone also supports dual SIM connectivity (both slots support micro SIM cards), and ticks off all the connectivity options that you would need: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.


Making sure all this keeps working for a while is a 2500 mAh battery, which does seem a bit on the lower side, given the display size, but probably accounts for the relative slimness of the device. There have been a few complaints that the phone lacks a magnetometer compass (something we are confirming from YU at the time of writing) which could have aided it in navigation, but at this price point, we would not call it a deal breaker – the device handled navigation and geo-tagging well enough for us even without it. All in all, the hardware on the Yureka is very good for its price and a close match to that seen on the much more expensive HTC Desire 820. The closest thing to it in terms of spec-price ratio is perhaps the recently released Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, which costs Rs 1,000 more, packs in a display of a similar size and resolution, and has a similar dual camera set up. And while that worthy is powered by a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, it compensates with a larger battery (3100 mAh). But even then, the Yureka scores in being a dual SIM device (the Redmi Note 4G is a single SIM one) and in having 16 GB storage as opposed to the 8GB onboard storage on the Note 4G (the Note 4G can support upto 64 GB of expandable memory though, as against 32 GB on the Yureka). Any way you look at it, the Yureka is offering some very decent hardware bang for not too many bucks. (Note: before you ask, we are working on a comparison between the Redmi Note 4G and the Yureka. Stay tuned!)”

The soft side: Cyanogen flavored Android

Which brings us to that aspect of the phone that has been causing all the legal uproar – the software. The Yureka runs on Cyanogen OS version 11.0-XNPH520, which is a newer version as compared to the one seen on the OnePlus One (OPO) released in India (11.0-XNPH44S – and at the time of writing, OnePlus had already released a version of its non-Cyanogen OS for the Indian OPO devices), and is based on Android 4.4.4. There are a few new themes (the most notable being a YU theme) and the phone comes bundled with a browser called YUniverse which is a version of Opera for Android, but that apart, there do not seem to be too many changes. A look at the settings however shows up some differences – the most glaring being the seeming absence of support for gestures (whether this is due to hardware limitations or a software feature, we do not know). Yes, you can double tap to wake up the device and double tap near the status bar to lock it and also slide your finger across the status bar to tweak brightness, but you cannot draw a circle to activate the camera or make a V to toggle the torch feature. There are still plenty of customization and personalization options to play around with, ranging from theme packs and icons to multiple profile settings.




We do not think Cyanogen fans will miss too much here, although we do suspect the OPO loyalists to speak up in favour of their heavier specced (and we must point out, more than twice as expensive) device. And as this is the ‘official’ Cyanogen phone in India at the time of writing, updates are likely to keep coming at regular intervals. YU founder Rahul Sharma had remarked that the phone, would in a sense of speaking, be in a state of constant beta as the software would keep getting updated for at least a period of two years. That is going to be SO much music to geek ears, we think.

Yureka, Yu are a smooth operator

But all the hardware and software of the world is of little use if the device on which it is plonked does not perform well. And in that department, the Yureka gives an excellent account of itself. For the stat counters, we can mention that it ran up an Antutu Benchmark score of 31,900, which is above that of the HTC One M7, the Redmi Note and the Asus ZenFone 5, and not too far behind that of the LG G3. Speaking from a general consumer’s perspective, the phone ran smoothly without a single crash, the touch experience was smooth, and before anyone asks, no, we did not have any heating problems with the device at all – it did heat up very slightly during extended photography sessions and while playing HD games like the Asphalt and FIFA series, but at no time did we feel uncomfortable holding it or feel tempted to boil eggs on it. Cyanogen ran smoothly on it – in fact, so hitch-free was our experience that we think it actually was the best we have seen in terms of pure smoothness on a sub-Rs 10,000 phone, bettering what we have seen on the Redmi Note 3G and the Asus ZenFone 5. Multiple tasks ran without any problems and the display while not being the brightest or most spectacular that we have seen was good enough for videos and browsing the Web and for extended ebook reading sessions.




The camera has generally been an area of concern in most devices from the Micromax stable (the Canvas Knight was a notable exception), but our experience with the twin cameras on the Yureka was a relative pleasant one (you can read our review of the Yureka’s camera here). No, they are definitely not going to give sleepless nights to the point and shoot crowd, but they work very smoothly and in terms of detail and color reproduction, they are up there with the best in their category and better than some above it.

No, the Yureka experience is not perfect – the sound over the loudspeaker was not the greatest in terms of quality (although it is good on the bundled headphones), and the 2500 mAh battery is going to struggle to see you through a day of heavy use. In our battery tests which involved around 100 photo clicks, an hour of calls, an hour of playing CSR racing, couple of hours of browsing & social media, the battery lasted for around 21 hours with close to 4 hours of screen on time. All said and done, our experience with the Yureka was a very good one when you consider its price point.



So at the end of it all, let us return to the question we asked at the very beginning of the review: is the Yureka worth investing in? Well, we would be the last people to insist that it is perfect. The display could have been brighter and we certainly expected better sound from the loudspeaker. The geek brigade will also complain that the device’s camera is underwhelming, that its flash is not the greatest and there are even noises being made about the absence of a magnetometer in the compass, and will keep pointing out that it does not deliver the kind of experience that the ‘other’ Cyanogen Phone, the OnePlus One (OPO), does.

However, the very fact that the Yureka has evoked comparisons with the OnePlus One, a device that costs more than twice as much as it does, shows that a coup of sorts has been pulled off. For, let’s be blunt about this: we cannot see many mainstream users having too many complaints with the performance of the Yureka. It performs all routine tasks (e-mail, browsing, social networking) smoothly, is good enough (though not exceptional) in the multimedia department, ran pretty much every app we threw at it with a degree of comfort, all this in a package that looks smart enough and is supremely affordable.

And that last point is the one that resonated the most with us. We know that there will be those who will carp long and hard about Micromax’s after sales service and its being a ‘cheap’ brand but from what we have seen, the Yureka delivers a very good performance for geeks and mainstream consumers alike on a tight budget, and takes its place alongside the likes of the Redmi Note 3G/4G and the Asus ZenFone 5 as among the best ‘affordable’ (sub-Rs 10,000) smartphones we have seen.

So should you consider investing in it?

Well, if money is tight (as it so often is) and if you want a good smartphone experience, or if you are interested in Cyanogen and have neither the bucks nor the invites for a OnePlus One, our answer can be summed up in three words:

Yes. Yu Can.

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Nimish Dubey has been writing for more than a decade now (well, Windows 3.1 was around and Apple was on the verge of being finished when he started). He has been published in a number of publications including The Times of India, Mint, The Economic Times, Mid-Day and Femina on subjects that vary from tech write -ups to book reviews to music album round ups. He managed to interview Michael Schumacher once and write two books for young adults along the way.


142 thoughts on “Yu Yureka Review: Yes, Yu Can!

    • As in all Android devices, that depends on the apps themselves. Yes, you can move some entirely, but some others need to run from the phone’s memory. Fortunately, at 16 GB, you have a fair amount of it.

      • Thanks.. Can you please send me some screenshots regarding the availability of this option(Move to sd card).. It would be a great help for me..

  1. sir do you have any idea..if a end up breaking yureka’s screen what will be the cost of repair..xiaomi mi 3 is a good phone but for screen they charge you 6500 which is almost half of the phone’s price..plz reply..thanks

    • Dear Dilip, I have no idea about the official price in this regard, but I think it will be in the range of Rs 6,000 at least. The display is the most expensive part of most touchscreen devices, alas. And the one that gets damaged most easily too. But heavens, why are you ALREADY thinking of breaking the display? Am sure all will be well. The phone itself seems sturdy enough to take the odd fall.

  2. Hi Nimish

    Excellent and unbiased review. Enjoyed reading it :-). Can you confirm how much Ram is free on Yureka usually?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Thankee for your kind words. I am a bit of a power user (lots of FB, Twitter, and mail), and in my case, I generally get 850-1.1 GB RAM free on the Yureka. The phone has been working smoothly since I got it, touch wood.

      • hii sir can you tell me in yureka smart gestures are available or not
        Is this phone good to buy.please sir tell about this.

  3. I was sick and tired of people comparing this with OPO (which is “TWICE” as expensive as the YU) in their reviews.
    And tired of reading reviews about people repeatedly fighting over the fact that this is a rebrand!
    I was confused and little discouraged about buying the phone.

    Sir, Nimish Dubey, you made my life simpler with this excellent review. I AM going to BUY this phone. I haven’t read your any articles (in fact this was the first one) of the past. But sure will be reading most of them that you scribble in the future. I have seen people write articles for popular tech website and can’t explain how bad experience it was reading those (after reading those I feel like giving a kiss to the author with a chainsaw).
    That being said, can you comment on the bezel size of this phone (I hate bezels :P, is it big or is it okay, okay)? Also how does its display match with Nexus 4 (better or almost like it)?

    • Good lord, Aghil, that is VERY high praise. Hope we remain worthy of your faith and trust.
      Moving on to the bezels, well, I would not call them as super invisible as we saw in the LG G2, but they are definitely not ugly. The Yureka is less wide than the the Redmi Note, although it is of similar height. It is a reasonably smart looking phone, really.
      The display would be close to what we saw on the Nexus 4, in my opinion. The Nexus 4 might have been marginally sharper and brighter but then again, that was a high-end device, this is a budget one.
      Hope this helps and thanks once again.

  4. Good Phone for Budget conscious people, But You should not really compare any Micromax phone with One plus one or other REPUTED brand’s flagship phones.

    • Comparing it with the OPO would be unfair as it is in a different price segment altogether. Not a matter of perceived reputation for us, really. If a phone is good/bad, we will say so, irrespective of the brand. And er…well, Micromax is outselling most “Reputed brands”, actually.

        • That would not be a fair comparison, Diya. I mean, the OPO costs more than twice as much as the Yureka. If you have the budget for the OPO, you should definitely go for it as it has better hardware. Cyanogen fans however might prefer the Yureka because it will officially get its updates in India. OPO will not.

    • i highly recommend u start reading articles instead of just posting stupid questions at the end like school textbooks having questions in the end of the chapter of whose answers are in the chapter. n yeah, grow up.

    • It is a version of Android called Cyanogen. All Android apps will work with it and you get access to Google Play and all other facilities as well as a lot of other customisation options.

  5. Hey! excellent review! can u pls tell me if this has OTG and a secondary mic for stereo audio in videos and noise cancellation?

  6. After 1 year, how will we get this phone repaired if something happens to it. .? Will micromax would repair this or we have to go to any other service centers..?

    • YU’s founder has committed to On the Doorstep service. Let’s see how it goes. But from what we have seen and heard, YU is being developed as a different brand from Micromax.

  7. Hey there! Nimish such a great review after all..!!
    I need a bit help of yours.. !!
    I am a bit confused among the following phones:-
    Asus Zenfone 5
    Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen
    Canvas Nitro A310/A311
    Yu Yureka
    And… Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G/4G

    Please recommend the best option available..!!
    Would be a great help.. ! 😀
    Also can you please tell a bit more about YU Yureka’s Battery?
    Thanks In Advance! 😀
    Keep Posting!

    • Dear Aman,
      Thanks ever so much for the kind words. As for the help, well, I would currently rate the Yureka a notch above the Moto G 2nd Gen, the Canvas Nitro and the Redmi Note 3G. It works more smoothly than the ZenFone 5, but the latter has a better display and general camera, although the Yureka’s works faster. We are currently working on a review of the Redmi Note 4G, so cannot comment on that yet. Basically, at its price (and it costs lesser than all the alternatives you have mentioned), the Yureka is pretty much the best option around. Hope this helps. Stay tuned for a Redmi Note 4G review and a comparison with the Yureka on TechPP.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply..!!
        Now I have to just choose from Yu Yureka and Redmi Note 4G..!!
        BTW Now the Asus Zenfone 2 is adding to the confusions.!!

    • Hello boss, the question which you asked here applies for me also. From 3 months i am waiting a buy a perfect mobile. First thought to go for Nitro. Waited for Price Drop. One day Moto G 2nd gen go Rs.1000 off also. But seeing the RAM output i left it because due to RAM if the mobile get struck i even cannot remove the battery also. Coming to Asus Zenfone 5. Many people commented about the Battery but i dont care. But the only thing i dont like is the same non-removable battery. Then here comes my favourite brand Micromax’s Yureka. Saw the Live launch event. Firstly i left it because its a new brand. But later watching the reviews i got a postitive opinion. I even registered for the Redmi Note 3G at that time and i got it in my cart also. But i left it due to CHINA Brand image. So i only thought one thing. We the people show our excitement towards other brands which are taking our indian market like Xiaomi or the One plus, etc. Why dont we take a mobile suggested by the Indian brand. Leave the above sentence and lets talk about the YU. It satisfied all my requirements and i dont even want 16GB internal and 5.5inch screen also but i am getting many other features extra in my budget. Take the example of 4G also. I think there is no need of talking about the 4G as it is not available properly. The only thing which i thought until last week is the Service about YUREKA. As it is a new brand how will be the service. But later on contacting the Reviewers,etc i got confidence in buying Yureka. So as your thought is same like mine. Go for Yureka. Dont see the negative comments in which some people are trying to let this device down. Let us see what will happen on Jan 13th i.e Tuesday. Let us see Xiaomi or Yureka in the flash sale.
      Thank you.
      Sorry if any Xiaomi or Oneplus One fans are hurted. I just expressed my view.

  8. Dubey ji, Good review out of all i have seen so far. Just have a simple question about the call quality and sound level during calls. Is it good or average? Also I want to know if double tap to off feature exists or not?

    • Yes, it does. You need to tap on the status bar area to to switch off the display. Double tapping anywhere on a switched off display turns it on.

    • Call quality and Sound is certainly above average during our tests.

      Yes, double tap to wake and off does exist and it can be turned on or off.

  9. Hi Nimish…

    Very good detailed review.

    But Nimish, i want to gift my brother an android smartphone around 15k within 2-3 days.

    According to his needs camera, gaming performance, build quality, overall performance and battery backup are the main concerns.

    I will mostly be buying one from the local market so please provide me your suggestions, apart from the ASUS & MOTO.

    • Thanks ever so much for the kind words. Well, if you are looking for the local market, then the likes of Xiaomi, Moto and Yureka pretty much get wiped out as they are available only online. In fact, most of the good deals do. Try the Canvas Turbo – that is quite a decent device.

        • Errr…if you have that sort of budget, go right ahead and grab the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which is retailing for Rs 19,990 and is an absolute powerhouse.

    • Go for samsung galaxy grand 2..
      The specs will seem low when compared with canvas turbo..but mark my words…samsung is known for quality and micromax for affordability…so even with low specs..on paper atleast grand 2 can beat canvas turbo.

  10. Great Review Dubey Ji , you just covered every possible question that will arise..
    Now my question is
    i saw the rumoured specs of Redmi note 2 launching jan 15 which has the same specs of YU and also better display(1080p) and battery 3200mah. so should i wait for that device or go for Yureka. because i dont know how long i should wait to get that device in india
    And why is a 32bit sd801 in opo is better than a 64bit sd615

    • Thanks a tonne for the kind words, sir. Well, as ye can see from the review, I have pretty much nothing against the Yureka. I think it is a smashing device at the price really, perhaps the best at its price point. I think you are referring to the Redmi 2, which Xiaomi is launching on January 15 (although not in India as far as we know). No, it does not have a full HD display but a 720p one and has an 8.0-megapixel camera. I really cannot comment about it because I have not used it, but Xiaomi does make very good phones.
      As to your other query, honestly I take the whole bits and cores thing with a lot of salt. I have seen old Intel dual core devices that run more smoothly than the so-called Octa core ones. I actually think the processor is only a part of a massive equation which includes other hardware and software components. The Snapdragon 801 is pushed by most manufacturers as being a notch above the 615 – I don’t think bits come into it.

  11. Dont get a micromax device even if u get it for a throw away price if u want peace of mind, it uses substandard hardware like sensors, mic etc which starts troubling u after a while & its known that the after sales service is just horrible so beware. Go for some other even though if it is a few bucks more & have a peace of mind

  12. Hi Nimesh….

    I am planning to buy a GOOD All-round Performing SMART Phone
    and my budget is 15K-17K I have zero down below models

    Lumia 730
    Moto G
    Samsung Grand 2

    Can you please suggest which is better performer. Also if
    there is any alternative please recommend.

    • Please also look at

      Asus Zenfone 5 16 gb version
      Micromax Canvas A311
      Alcatel Onetouch
      Acer Liquid E700
      Redmi Note 3G and 4G versions
      and HTC Desire 820

    • It really depends on what you want. Of the three, the Moto G is the smoothest performer, the 730 has perhaps the best cameras and the Grand 2 the best display. Will boil down to what you really need.

  13. Hi Nimish, Wonderful review.. Thanks for the same. Your review has made me all the more eager to go for Yureka instead of Redmi Note 4G as I have already registered for the Redmi and expecting it on the 8th from Airtel.

    Some piece of information which I would like to share in respect of Yureka and Redmi Note 4G as also One Plus One which runs on Cyanogen

    In case of One plus one though it runs of Cyanogen 11 viz a viz Yureka, in India it would be difficult to get future updates of One plus one as Micromax has exclusively tied up with Cyanogen. In this case once you buy Yureka from Micromax you are assured of a future updated whenever released by Cyanogen which will not be possible in case of One plus one in India.

    Moroever, Yureka is a 4G ready phone and whenever it is widely launched in India by the telecom operators like Airtel has done in some cities, many will get to use superior technology at such a tempting price. Though Redmi Note 4G also has 4G connectivity option it has one one sim whereas Yureka has two sim which is a plus for anyone.

    In Redmi Note 4G I presume you don’t the benefit of using Google Play store exclusively as Xiaomi has its own set of Play store where it will be difficult to find all the applications which is available in Google Play Store. This is another feather in Yureka’s favour.

    All said and done, today it won’t be wrong sum up that Yureka is by far the best 4G enable phone with great specifications offered at a very competitive price.
    I hope you too agree with my view Mr. Dubey…

      • Yes Redmi note 4G has Google Play. I am being using it and found it. I saw a review on you tube. Might be the review was about a Chinese version of Redmi note 4g

  14. Hi nimish, dont know why im not able to reply to your comment on breaking yureka’s screen..therefore a new thread..
    yes the question raised may seem odd but this can be a concern..
    One of my collegues paid 2200 for galaxy grand screen and an another one 6500 for xiaomi mi3 screen…so wanted to know whether its repair is budget or not..further i didn’t bought mi3 just for this thing…Its a comparison we do not make while purchasing phones…but seems good enough to be discussed..
    And thanks for your have certainly added one more follower..

    • On paper, the Yureka has the better processor. However, I do not set too much on paper stats. We will be publishing our Redmi 4G review soon as well as a comparison with the Yureka. As far as we know, it it does not have a magnetometer compass.

  15. Hey, Nimish. Great review. I also want to buy YU Yureka, but couldn’t registered for it. So, when registrations will open again? Do you have any idea about it?

  16. Some reviews says that its services are not possible through micromax service centres…what’s the way for service purposes?and which countrys company is yureka…i didnt see any webpages of yureka and neither this phone in micromax site….How to trust for their service guaratees?

    • Yureka is a smartphone of a company named yu . It is a subsidiary of micro max and is an Indian company . They will come to your home if you suffer from any problems.

    • YU is a subsidiary of Micromax formed to operate with a different business plan. They plan to offer door-to-door services which we are yet to see in terms of efficiency and such. Since its a new company and this is the first device, we cannot talk much of the service unless we see it perform. Hopefully it will as they are trying to create a whole new brand, trust and way they operate. For instance they have a forum where all your questions are answered by YU team which is good to see.

    • The battery backup is decent enough at this price point. You can get through a day’s use if you do not get into too much gaming or watching HD video. Sound quality is also decent. Not sensational, but pretty good for its price segment.

    • Which MediaTek processor are you referring to? There are several. Both Qualcomm and MediaTek are big names in the processor business. You can find out all you wish about their processors from their websites. In terms of performance, we found the Snapdragon 815 working very well indeed for the Yureka.

    • We could not see gesture support in the settings, but you can wake up the phone and put it to sleep by tapping on it.

  17. Hello Sir, I would like to know if I should go for YU or Moto G 2 ?
    Since i have already registered for YU for the sale on Jan 13th..But I m a bit confused.
    It would be really helpful if you suggest me a phone out of these both to buy before the sale date..
    And also is the camera in YU better than Moto g 2??

    Thanks in advance,

    • 1) Is the camera in YU better than Moto g 2?? – Yureka comes with a 13MP Sony IMX 135 lens that is used in other flagship phones in Samsung and such and is definitely better than the 8MP shooter on the Moto G2.
      2) Display? – Moto G 2 has a tad upper hand here with 294PPI vs 267PPI on the Yureka.
      3) sound? – Moto G2 wins as Yureka’s loudspeaker aint as loud as Moto G2’s.

      It all boils down to the price also as Yureka is 9000 vs Moto G2 which is excess of 12000.

      Also service wise, Moto G2 is better as we are yet to see the door-to-door service offering.

      Hope this info helps you take the call 🙂

  18. Thanks for your review. Much appreciated one! I do have a query which affects my buying decision. I’ve seen Mi3 which has SFX virtual surround sound effect which is incredible. I want this feature badly. Does Yureka have this feature for audio & video? Please share your views. Thank you in advance

    • Well, Yureka doesnt come with the exact SFX but it does have the 24BIT audio FX app that lets you choose among various presets! We saw this app on the OnePlus One and were impressed and its the same here,

    • Under normal usage it suprised us! Doesnt heat up as much as the other phones do. I played some games, was on browsing for an hour or two and never felt it warmed up so much that I had to rest it for a while. But if you did intensive gaming for longer periods of time it will get heated up like any other phone there.

    • There are no heating problems it actually remains coller than other devices on normal usage…. But with intensive gaming all mobile devices start heating up

    • Snapdragon 615 which is there in the Yu…as it supports faster recharging and is a more modern processor class with 64 bit processing

  19. Anyone who is using Yureka phone, if faced these issues please help me out if you solved it !

    1) battery doesn’t charge up to 100% , it is stopping at 99%

    2) in call volume is too high that people around you can here it ,

    • Just do a full recharge by discharging fulling and then recharging without any interruption
      About the call volume just toggle it lower…. The speakers are good that’s why they are loud

  20. why is amazon cheated to consumer? or why is not to clear price of yureka? At the time of booking the rate shown Rs.12500/ why? while earlier they announce the price of Rs,8999/-.The same problem came at the time of first sale.

    • The Yu phone is definetely the better buy…. It offers better software support from Cyanogen and the mi4 will be almost twice the price of the Yu Phone

    • The Yu phone is the top contender as most of these phones compromise on features but the YU phone is loaded with top specifications of a high end device

  21. Is the yureka on line available any big city in up.any pin code coverage list available for it .Amazaon did not provide the pin code list

  22. hai iwant to know only one thing

    iam a online worker so i need full time net so is it selecteble for me

    pls tel me about battery

  23. Am facing following problems:-

    1.Yureka Phone gets heating when using Mobile Data,
    2.My Yureka phone have 2 Mac id, While connecting wi-fi MAC address changing randomly,
    3.Battery drain also happening,
    Frdz is there any solution for solve above problems or if i want return my Yureka whether Amazone will return my full amount,,? if u have any idea plz.. let me..

  24. How is the calling quality in the Yureka phone as the mobile belongs to Micromax brand and i have got very bad experience for Micromax mobiles in terms of calling quality.

    • Don’t go for this phone. Many problems, call receiver gets blurr sounding very annoying, no service center in india. I have complained regarding some problems they are not giving any solutions, Problems,
      1. Heating
      2. Battery drains with in a day
      3. Nearly 20 times it will get restart automatically
      4. Phone gets blank screen once receive call.
      5. Wifi not starts easily
      6. Poor build quality.
      I am using since 1 month. Never suggest to go for this phone, go for samsung s3 neo, 1.5 gb ram, rs 11300 in

  25. I love to socialize and play games, and both of my requirements are very well fulfilled by this phone.

    Coming to Network, it supports 4G which means Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram all at finger tips.

    And gaming on that matter its just beast.

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