There are still many out there looking to get their hands on a new OnePlus One smartphone, but the company is already working on the OnePlus Two successor. This information isn’t actually new, as it has been revealed by OnePlus Global Director and co-founder Carl Pei in the previous month. But he has recently spoken to PCWorld and has revealed that OnePlus Two isn’t the single smartphone in works.


Pei said that besides developing a successor to the OnePlus One, the company is working on another separate smartphone that will be focused more on how it looks than its specs. If you ask me, the current One isn’t that bad looking either. Pei didn’t divulge too many details, saying only the following:

I think its going to be a phone catering to a different type of audience. Perhaps for those who appreciate design over specs one-plus-2

Of course, this doesn’t reveal too much, but prepares OnePlus fans for what’s to come – a smartphone that will have great looks and will most likely follow the tradition of being offered at an affordable price. With regards to this, OnePlus co-founder added:

I think in every industry, the innovation has been about how to deliver a better product at a lower price. The smartphone industry will be the same.

But if you’re not that interested in a design-focused smartphone and you’re looking for the OnePlus Two launch, you should know that it will follow the same strategy of featuring high-end specs at an accessible price. Until now, OnePlus has been able to sell close to 1 million OnePlus One handsets, which is an impressive number for such a young company.

Source: PCWorld

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