The Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas represents a great place for various companies to get promotion for their products. Such is the case with Saygus, a company that not too many of you might have heard off.  Back at CES 2010, Saygus has unveiled VPhone, which used to be a pretty capable Android QWERTY phone, but since then the company has been pretty silent. But now it seems to be ready for a comeback in style.


The company is now working on a brand new high-end phone called the V-Squared or V2. We don’t see too many companies take a 5 year ‘break’ in this business, so we should keep an eye on how Saygus goes about its business. And here are those amazing specs we’ve been talking about:

  • 5-inch 1080p display
  • Quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 64GB onboard storage and expandable memory up to 320GB with two micro SDXC cards
  • 60GHz Wireless HD for low-latency wireless HD streaming
  • Qi wireless charging
  • 3D audio
  • High-end 21MP camera with OIS along with a 13MP selfie one
  • 3,500mAh battery

The handset is set to feature a bunch of other unique features, such as the following – special RF technology for increased network reception, unique battery extension technology supplying best-in-class talk time, exclusive biometric security scanner and root midst other exciting and exclusive features, as Saygus informs us.

And I bet you’re wondering about the price – all we know at the moment is that will be “competitive with other 5-inch devices”. So if it’s really going to be like that, then we’ll welcome a new surprise entry in the smartphone marekt.

Regarding the availability of the smartphone, Saygus says it’s “working to distribute its V2 through all US carriers, and most of the carriers across the globe” for a release this spring. Pre-orders are said to go live this month. Chad Sayers, the founder of Saygus, had to say the following:

The promise of a Saygus super smartphone is here with the Saygus V2/ The Saygus V2 is the embodiment of what we believe consumers want in a mobile device. Our super smartphone takes the best functionality and usability of current high-end smartphones and adds an unparalleled level of innovation with several features that are unique to the V2. T

So, what do you think about this mysterious smartphone with super specs? If it gets priced competitively, then I think it is going to be a huge threat to such stars of the moment as Xiaomi or OnePlus, but it will remain to be seen if Saygus can deliver a product that isn’t great just on paper.

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