Almost one month ago, we were reporting that the upcoming Android 5.1 version could bring back the Silent Mode, but now we’re hearing news that this won’t happen. A recent thread on Reddit has been getting a lot of replies, saying that Google has decided to remove the Silent Mode without vibrate from Android 5.x. The original poster also said that the team behind this decision should be fired and ‘moved as far away from Android as possible’.


And when you come to think of it, he is right, because we’re speaking about a basic function that is so familiar to millions of Android users, including myself. As you probably know, every previous version of android offered a toggle to adjust the ring/notification volume up or down with the side volume buttons. So, by using it, you could go from audio on to vibrate to complete silence in a very easy way.

However, there are some new settings for notifications in Android 5.0 Lollipop – do not disturb settings which doesn’t allow notifications to pass through, a priority mode which allows to set notifications from certain apps and to filter callers as well as a volume slider that controls all notifications. So, it would seem that Google has decided that it’s do not disturb settings is the replacement for the silent mode.

And that wouldn’t necessary be a problem, but the new settings aren’t as easy as the previous functionality that allowed to do that just by sliding down the volume buttons.  So, it’s really interesting to see how is Google going to react to this, as more users will most likely express their frustrations.

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