Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Windows Phone users to be left behind iOS and Android users when it comes to the launch of important apps. Such has been the case with cloud storage apps Dropbox and Mega, but not anymore, as both of them are now officially available as free downloads on the Windows Phone store.

Mega app for Windows Phone


Mega was previously available just in private beta, but now the cloud storage app has been update to version 2.0, thus becoming public and officially released for Windows Phone users. You will get 50 GB of free storage space, and if you need more, you can buy it whenever you want. But I’m sure that most of us won’t need more than that.

And even if you get a lot of storage for free, Mega’s strong is its privacy:

Here at MEGA, you are in charge of your data. Neither MEGA, your Internet provider, a search engine, your insurance company or a government can access it. If you want to share it, it’s up to you (and you only).

Go ahead and follow this official link to download it yourself. I’m sure you will enjoy the app especially if you were just considering to buy a microSD card to extend your storage space.

Dropbox app for Windows Phone



It seems that today is a great day for those Windows Phone users who are concerned about the storage space on their devices. Finally, Dropbox is releasing the much-anticipated Dropbox app for Windows Phones and tablets. While there was already a Dropbox app for Windows 8 users, this new one is universal and will work on both type of devices.

The app brings 2 GB of free space and the familiar interface that’s available on other mobile devices, the web or on desktop. You can use the app to automatically back up your photos to Dropbox, mark files as favorites and access both your personal and work accounts at once.

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