If you have an iPhone with just 8 or 16GB of internal storage, or maybe you have even more, but you’re running out of it, you are probably wondering how to increase it without spending a dime. Sure, you can always make use of cloud storage apps and services, but maybe you feel that you’d like your stuff to be stored locally, always within reach. phone-expander-increase-iphone-storage

A potential solution to your problem could be a brand new app called PhoneExpander. This is actually a Mac app, and not an iOS one, but it will help you clean up your iPhone or iPad of all the unwanted files, right from the comfort of your desktop interface.

First of all, PhoneExpander gets rid of the many temporary files that are wasting your space, listed on iTunes as other and impossible to remove. Besides temporary data, cache files inside apps, items retrieved through the iOS Background Refresh feature are also stored there. ‘

The app also tells how much space each of your apps occupies, letting you easily delete those you don’t need anymore, such as games you’ve long forgotten about.

Phone Expander also lets you delete photos or video recordings and you can also make a backup copy of them on your Mac.

At the moment, the public beta is free to use, so you are able to clean your iPhone or iPad now for free. However, the developer says that that once it becomes officially available, it will cost at least $10.

Update: PhoneExpander is now out of beta, and will cost you $20 to unlock all the features.

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