Google is apparently facing the heat from Apple in the high end smartphone market of United States. As per the recent reports from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, in the key holiday sales quarter of Q4 2014, Apple sold more iPhones than all of the various Android OEMs put together, the first time that it has managed to do this since Q4 2012. And Google had to do something about it. So how about a cute furry dig at the fruity name based company?


In a video titled “Android: Friends Furever“, Google has taken the help from our furry friends on this planet to pass a message “Be together. Not the same.” This new 60-second video circulates through various scenes of different animals bonding: a cat and dog opening a door together, a bear and a tiger snuggling together, an elephant and a sheep digging together. Basically, two different looking animals bonding together.

On first look, it might seem like they are trying to promote Android’s togetherness. But it’s not just that. This is a dig at Apple and the iPhones. Apple takes pride being the only company to make iOS devices. On the contrary, Google’s Android is modified, skinned and redesigned by several OEMs like Samsung, HTC, LG and hundred others – something which has resulted in Fragmentation. Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest OS is apparently being used by just 2% of the users after 3 months of its launch. In contrast, iOS 8 has been rolled out to over 72% of the user base.

But then, all iOS devices look and feel alike. With Android, you get to choose between the stock Android, Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense, Xiaomi MIUI, CyanogenMod, LG Optimus UI and hundred others. Although all of them are based on Android, they are very different in their own rights. Now read the tagline again – Be Together. Not the same.

Good try Google!

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