Yesterday we were telling you that the first pictures showing the metal frames of Samsung Galaxy S6 have leaked online. And now we have new information coming from two different sources from South Korea. The first of them, UnderKG, is showing new schematics which reveal a pretty bulky camera while Cnet Korea suggests there is going to be a variety of Samsung Galaxy S6.

bulky-camera-on-samsung-galaxy-s6 bulky-camera-samsung-galaxy-s6

As we can see in the above schematics, the Galaxy S6 seems to have a protruding camera module, which will definitely do harm to its aesthetics. Not only that, but if this turns to be true, then the handset could wobble when placed on a flat surface. While that isn’t necessarily a disaster, that’s not something that, say, you’d encounter with an iPhone or with any other phone where are lot of attention to details has been given. But it seems that Samsung wants badly a 20MP camera on the back and is ready to sacrifices the looks for that.

Other than that, the new schematics seem to show a thinness of 6.91mm, and not 7.2mm, as previously believed. So, the device would be pretty thin but it’ll have a bump on the top side. Besides the big camera sensor, it could also get a heart rate along with a fingerprint sensor. And it seems that the metal frame we talked about is the main ‘culprit’ for the thinness.


Now, turning to the other report, it seems that Samsung could be planning to offer a variety of body styles for its upcoming Galaxy S6. The above image has been provided by sources at a South Korean electronics distributor, allegedly showing five variants of the Galaxy S6.

As we can see, the first on the left seems to be a standard Galaxy S6, followed by one with a Verus-branded cover (a popular South Korean smartphone cover maker) but the fourth and the fifth seem to represent Edge versions of the S6. According to Samsung insiders who have spoken with ZDNet Korea, it seems that the Edge version of the Galaxy S6 will be dual-edged and the edged sides will be symmetrical.

As for its main specs, we expect the phone to feature a 5″ Super AMOLED display of QHD resolution, an Exynos 7420 chipset with an octa-core CPU and 3GB of RAM.

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