Qualcomm is one of the world’s biggest chip makers for smartphones and tablets, which has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. The company has made a lot of money from the booming mobile market, but this has also put a lot of pressure and attention on its products. And recently it seems that the company has had some trouble with supplying the kernel for one of its biggest partners – Samsung.


2015 has just started and throuhought the year, we are going to see a lot of new smartphones and tablets being announced. Many of them are going to be highlighted at the upcoming MWC show in Barcelona, where will be present. And powering many of these devices could be the new chips announced by Qualcomm – the 620, 618 and the 425 and 415.

But when you will see this in a device, how will you understand what does it mean? That’s why  you need to have a look at these main features from below that we’re going to enlist. So, next time you are ready to purchase a device which has one of these inside, you will now what you’re paying for.

What to know about Qualcomm’s new mid-tier Snapdragon 600 and 400 lineups

Qualcomm’s four new processors are destined for mid-range devices and it seems that the company is trying to bring the performance of a high-end device to more affordable, mid-tier phones. So, let’s see what they pack:

  • The new Snapdragon 425 and Snapdragon 415 processors both feature octa-core CPUs, which is a first for the 400 tier
  • The Snapdragon 425 doubles LTE download and upload speeds with the X8 LTE modem and brings advanced camera features such as dual ISPs and high-fidelity audio
  • The Snapdragon 415 processor integrates X5 LTE, thus supporting download speeds of up to 150 Mbps
  • The Snapdragon 620 and 618 processors also get HEVC hardware encoding (High Efficiency Video Coding which promises improved compression), richer gaming with next-generation Qualcomm Adreno graphics and advanced Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Continual, low power sensors bring the new Dedicated Qualcomm Hexagon DSP sensor engine which supports real-time, always-on use cases for motion, location, health and environmental sensing.

Qualcomm says that the Snapdragon 415 chipset is sampling now and it’s expected to be in commercial devices in first half of 2015. As for the Snapdragon 620, 618 and 425 processors , we could see devices featuring them in the second half of 2015.


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