We live in this era of technology, where almost everyone owns a smartphone and having both a tablet and a laptop became normality. We notice it whenever at the airport, when one of the staff members asks us to take both our tablet and our laptop out of their cases. That’s when you probably wonder whether or not you’re behind trends for not having more than just one or two smart devices. And things are planned to go even crazier in the coming years!

If you’re not yet convinced of the fact that technology can be used for basically everything and anything, here’s a situation to consider. You’re stuck in traffic and need to get back to the office after a meeting that took much longer than expected. Although you don’t normally mess with the law, you really need to get going, so you press the accelerator a little harder than usual. If this sounds familiar to you, and you’d like to avoid getting speed tickets, this article might be for you.


We previously talked about apps that can help you improve your car’s performance, track the latter or protect the environment while driving. What if I told you that you can use mobile applications to stay away from authorities in traffic, as well? The following list is our selection of 6 most astounding tools we found on the internet, but we’re sure there is more of them out there

Phantom Alert

One of the most popular such tools that one could find online is Phantom Alert. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones, this one seems to be loved by everyone, and we’re not here to judge them. It makes quite a lot of sense to adore an app that receives and analyzes both visual and audible information in order to detect police radars.

Focusing on three main issues you’d be dealing with in traffic: speed cameras, red light cameras and live traffic ones, this is your path to no more speed tickets. Apart from these aspects, the same app can also provide information about bad weather conditions, railroad crossing areas, dangerous intersections, accidents on the road, school zones and many more.

There is no fee to download the executable itself, but you will need to sign up on the website in order to be able to actually take advantage of the app. This one comes with monthly and yearly plans, so that you’d pay about $10 per month or $30 per year, depending on what option you’re interested in.


A cool free option for Android users is SpeedHUD. It’s not as complex as the previous one, and it will not provide any other data apart from the basic radar detection help. However, it has been proved to be completely reliable (voted 5/5 from this point of view) and is entirely free.

The only thing you’d need in order to start taking advantage of it is a phone that uses A-GPS technology. Once you download the app onto a 1.5 or later Android device, you should turn the GPS on. One of the features I really appreciate about this tool is that it also comes with speech support, which basically means that you won’t need to always look at the display or be disturbed by an annoying sound whenever there’s possible police radar coming up.

You will get someone to actually talk to you and let you know what’s going on in traffic, and you can also connect the app to Google Earth. This way, you can export files when you get home. You can get it for free from Google Play or learn more about it from this website.

Escort Live Radar

Escort Live Radar is downloadable on Android 2.2/later and iOS 6.1 devices. Being free to install, it comes in Russian, Spanish and obviously, English. Apart from the information about police traps that it provides, this tool also lets you access multiple maps at the same time and share reports with other users. While it doesn’t integrate social media, it will allow everyone within the Escort Live community to share information among each other.

Thanks to its GPS feature, ELR can also be used as a tool that tells you what your speed is, what the limit in the area is and when you’re over-speeding. It might not be the best in the field, but the fact that it got into the top 10 best technology winners in 2012 definitely says something. Get it from Google Play or iTunes right now, and you won’t have to pay a cent!

Police Radar

If you’re a Windows Phone user, you might be glad to learn that there is a free app that you can install, too. Called Police Radar, this one checks where the police is hiding and lets you know using simple alert sounds that you can change yourself.

You’ll also have access to a map with all the various points that have been previously added by other users, because yes … this is the kind of app that exists thanks to the millions of good-willing people out there. Whenever someone sees the police, they can press a button to add a new spot onto the map.

What else? This great app comes with versions for Windows 7.5, as well as WP8 or 8.1, can be installed manually and is available in English. More language are planned to be added soon, and the staff at Police Radar seems to be putting in quite a bit of effort to improve the app, so let’s give them a chance!

Cobra iRadar


Another famous radar detector is Cobra iRadar. Although its name might make you think that it’s an iOS-only tool, it actually comes with a version for Android users, too. Apart from the mobile application, Cobra also offers three types of detectors that can be used without having to install any program, which is a good option for those using other types of operating systems.

In case you don’t know much about Cobra, here’s a summary. For the last 30 years, they have been adding to their collection of devices that help people avoid getting tickets in traffic. Because technology keeps on evolving and coming up with an option for smartphones seemed like the obvious next step to take, the team at Cobra came up with this amazing and intuitive application.

Using the Bluetooth and GPS existing on your mobile device, the tool creates a virtual world where you can immediately be informed when you’re in danger of getting a speed ticket. Apart from that, you can also share that information with the world and let other drivers know where the radar is. Free to download and requiring iOS 6.0 or Android 4.0, iRadar can be found here.

Radar Beep

The last one to look at today is an Android tool called Radar Beep. As the name suggests it, this one is the kind of basic app that will make beep sounds whenever you’re getting nearby radars. If you want a free tool that only does that, and you’re not one to be bothered by alarms, bells and similar sounds, Radar Beep might be what you’re looking for.

It received 4/5 stars on Google Play, uses your phone’s GPS navigator and comes with a map of all existing radars in your area. All that’s required is a phone using Android v4.0.3, which is pretty high, but the features you’ll have access to, are also much better than what you’d get with SpeedHUD or similar apps.

While Radar Beep itself is free, there are various in-app products that you can purchase for prices various between $1 and over $100 in order to improve its performance. Coming in languages like Chinese, English, French, Italian, polish, Japanese, Portuguese and plenty of other, the basic version of the app tell you the precise distance to the coming radar, lets you turn the detector on and off quite easily and is equipped with voice support, as well as an easy-to-use interface.

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