The Apple Watch is just around the corner and you’d think that it’s the single most important thing that matters in the smartwatch market. Sure, there is also Android Wear, but we know that shipments numbers for the past year have been rather disappointing. But besides the ongoing fight between Apple and Google’s partners, there’s another name in the industry that is proving to be quite successful – Pebble.


The company launched their first product on Kickstarter and they are now returning to the popular crowdfunding platform with the Pebble Time. This is somewhat unusual in the meaning that you don’t see companies with a fully running business choosing Kickstarter. It is widely regarded as a place for start-ups. CEO Eric Migicovsky said the following about their return to Kickstarter:

We decided to go back on Kickstarter, and it’s a pretty important choice that we’ve made. When we started it was three people working on this thing that we knew was going to be big but that the world hadn’t woken up to yet. When we started making Pebble Time and Timeline, we decided to make it available to the people who supported us first. These are the people all around the world that backed us.

But Pebble’s move is very smart – for one, you make a PR move by returning to the same community which propelled you; and secondly – you get an instant boost in sales thanks to the special discounted price. And their strategy has already proved very successful – at the time of writing this, they had more than $3 million, with more than 1 month left to go! It took them only 17 minutes to meet the target, so by the looks of it, it has all the chances to become the most funded project on Kickstarter.

The Pebble Time is the company’s third-generation smartwatch and features an all new design and a color e-paper display. There is also a microphone for responding to incoming messages and recording voice notes, which is rather cool, if you ask me. The Pebble Watch can be yours for as little as $179 (it was initially available for $159). Once it hits retail, the Pebble Time will cost $199 and will come in three colors: white, black, or red.

The new smartwatch is 20 percent slimmer than Pebble’s previous models and has a slight curve for a more ergonomic wear. The screen is covered by Gorilla Glass and a stainless steel bezel. It gets a 64-color display, being visible in direct sunlight and is also always on. The Time will allegedly last up to seven days between charges, which will be a good buy stimulant for owners of the current smartwatch generation.

A new quick release mechanism is present on the standard 22mm straps which will allow third-party hardware makers to create connecting sensors and straps. Pebble is also introducing a revamped new software platform and is also partnering with The Weather Channel, Jawbone, ESPN, Evernote, and Pandora to input data into the Time’s timeline. Have a look at the video from below to learn more about it.

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