Sony might be planning to exit the smartphone and tablet business, but before it does so, the company still has millions of fans out there who are looking forward to the release of their next great tablet – the Xperia Z4. Previous rumors were suggesting that it could feature a screen size bigger than 12-inch, which could put it under direct competition with the elusive iPad Pro. sony-xperia-z4-tablet

And now it seems that we have more confirmation that the Japanese giant could be aiming for a MWC release of the tablet. The company has mistakenly released premature information regarding the device on its Xperia Lounge, revealing a a sidelong picture and reference to a high-resolution 2K screen of around 2,560 x 1,440.

Other specs include a “latest ultra fast processor”, a “industry leading battery performance” and a “lightweight premium body”. Of course, these are marketing terms, but it doesn’t mean these won’t be actually real. Sony also revealed that the tablet will arrive on March 3rd, which is right in the middle of MWC 2015.

The image and details have since been removed, but we already know the tablet will feature the same thin profile along with the trademark circular power on/off button. Chances are that the Z4 Tablet will have a Snapdragon 810 processor on the inside, as well.

I personally hope that Sony will keep on making tablets and that this won’t be among the last it produces. There’s quality in their products and consumers are always looking for that in this crowded market.


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