OnePlus One has made headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent past, thanks to the public spat and court clashes involving Cyanogen and Micromax, but their fans finally have something to cheer. The official release dates for the Android 5.0 Lollipop update have been announced and this includes both the CyanogenMod as well as the in-house OxygenOS.


CM 12S: The official OTA update for the OnePlus One will be released on or before March 30, 2015

OxygenOS: The official release of our own Lollipop-based ROM will be available for download on or before March 27, 2015

In a blog post, Bradon H details the reasoning behind the repeated delay for the official release of Android Lollipop for the OnePlus One. While apologizing for the delay, Bradon says

We never intended to keep you waiting. Unfortunately, we ran into some unexpected roadblocks. First, there was an unforeseen OS signing issue, which has recently been resolved. Our camera module had stability issues on Lollipop, and we had to rebuild it for compatibility. Several other crucial drivers, including our Wi-Fi drivers, also needed to be updated to work flawlessly with the upgrade.

True to their gimmicky marketing model, OnePlus says that the company will be giving away five OnePlus One 64GB devices to five lucky people if they miss one of the two release dates. Having seen the company hold giveaways frequently in the past, this isn’t big enough to reiterate their commitment to keep up with the release dates.

Cyanogen has been working on the CM 12S update for the past few months, while OnePlus started with their OxygenOS late last year, and they even hired some biggies from the Paranoid Android team for the same.

It remains to be seen if OnePlus One users in India who bought the phone in India will be getting the OTA update for the CM 12S or if they will be forced to flash the new OxygenOS. OnePlus claims that the OxygenOS will have most of the unique features found on the CM 11S including the camera UI.

Meanwhile Cyanogen is readying to provide the Android Lollipop upgrade to YU Yureka phones on March 26th. We shall be back with more details, so stay tuned.

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