The Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, and it does indeed come with some appealing features. However, it does have some drawbacks that you need to hear about before you will be ready to pay out a nice amount to get it.


Samsung loves to put a lot of bloatware on its smartphones

The first problem that we’re going to talk about is the big number of pre-installed apps that the smartphone comes with – 56. One would think that as smartphones become smarter, so do its users. Apparently, Samsung thinks otherwise and it keeps on adding bloatware even to its flagship product in the mobile space. Gizmodo were the first to discover this, and when they reached out to Samsung for a comment, here’s what they said:

Simplicity is critical for usability and functionality, so Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge offer a refined and optimized user experience and the offering of core and preloaded apps has been streamlined. Some apps can be uninstalled while some can be disabled, and this varies by region and carrier. Further, 40% of the features and steps have been deleted compared to previous models.

The handset comes with the usual Google Apps you’ll find on pretty much every Android phone, but it also gets Samsung’s own apps like S Voice and S Health, the new Microsoft apps like OneDrive, social apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, and various carrier apps, depending on your provider. While you should be able to disable most of these apps, it only removes them from the app drawer and the homescreen, but they are still inside your device.

By the way, Apple could use this to its advantage, as it does not preinstall any third-party software on its iPhones. If you ask me, I hate bloatware so much, that I am seriously thinking of getting a OnePlus smartphone just to get a cleaner Android. I know that there are other ways to ‘clean’ your UI, but why not reward a company who wants to deliver the purest software there is?

Buy the 64GB version if you want some serious on-board storage

Another problem with the mighty Galaxy S6 is related to its storage space. As you know, whenever a company introduces or announces a new product, they never talk about the true free space that is available to the users. In my opinion, this is a form of soft manipulation, and you need to do your own research if you don’t want to be fooled.

Such is the case with the Galaxy S6 as well, which puts at your disposal only 23.5GB of free space for the 32GB version, which also lacks a microSD card. Considering how much this smartphone could cost you, it’s a real shame that you can’t get more free space. While this isn’t a problem that is affecting just the Galaxy S6, you shouldn’t be deceived into believing that it does not affect it. Sure, it’s a great device, but it comes with problems that affect other ‘mortal’ devices, as well.

Editor’s note: 23GB out of 32GB might not look like a bad deal, the problem here is with the precedence. Many years back, this is how the PC makers started as well. With increasing default HDD space, they kept increasing the bloatware too, thereby partially negating the advantage of bigger storage. Imagine if Galaxy S6 came with just 16GB storage, then there’d be just 7.5GB of free space out of the box. Ouch! Make no mistake, 32GB is the new 16GB in smartphones.

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