Qualcomm is still the undisputed leader of the mobile chipmaking industry, but Intel has long been trying to get a piece of the pie, as well. And while they haven’t succeeded yet to make some popular processors for smartphones, it seems that the company could be investigating some other fields.


During this year’s Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, China, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich has showcased a new RealSense camera that is smaller and thinner than the previous version. They have made some serious improvements in order to prevent heating, as well.

Intel had first unveiled the RealSense technology during CES 2014, and it is regarded as their version of ‘Kinect for Windows’, having its own camera and microphone. And now, more than a year since its unveil, it seems that Intel has done a lot of work in order to make the gadgetry small enough to be embedded into a 6-inch prototype phone. Unfortunately, the technology hasn’t be shown yet in action, but this could happen in the near future.

Thus, Intel can start bringing the RealSense technology not just to PCs and tablets, but also to smartphones, thus letting you operate it with gestures. For now though, this feature seems to be targeting a niche audience, but who knows, maybe there are consumers out there interested in such features as 3D scanning.

The RealSense technology has already been used on desktops, laptops, tablets and drones. Till now, it has been used for cool stuff like replicating the facial expressions using animated characters, 3D scanning (remember HP Sprout?) and holographic piano playing.

At the moment though, Intel hasn’t disclosed any details regarding the availability or detailed specs of the new RealSense camera. Among other things, Intel also said that it would also expand its business in the Internet of Things sector, with the upcoming Atom X3 processor.

Source: Engadget

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