Bolt² is a new device that is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter and it’s described by the team behind as the ‘world’s smallest 2.4A battery backup + wall charger‘. So, this means that this pretty sleek gizmo comes with two separate functions – it functions as a battery backup for those moments when your tablet or smartphone’s juice gets depleted and a wall charger if you find yourself nearby a power socket.


This is one of those projects that makes you wonder – ‘isn’t there already a product like this?‘ And even if there is, what makes Bolt² stand out is the fact that it is indeed pretty small and it actually looks good, so you won’t feel ashamed to use it wherever and whenever you want. The device comes with two USB ports, so you will be able tocharge your phones and tablets at the same time. Bolt²

Bolt², as the name suggests, is the second-generation from the Bolt line, and it now comes with a double 6000mAh battery, a second USB port and the output has been more than doubled and is now at 2.4A. This allows to charge your phones and tablets up to 4 times faster than a regular USB port.

It’s really easy to carry this gadget around, weighing just 153 grams and it also comes with foldable prongs so that you can tuck outlet prongs to make it as compact as possible. At the moment it only supports US plugs, but you can use it anywhere in the world with a simple plug adapter.

If you choose to pledge now at least $45, you will get a Bolt² unit in one of 3 colors: Stealth, Argon, or Crimson. There just a few more units left at this price, so hurry up. After this, the price will go up to $60, which will still be 15% off of the projected retail price.


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