We took a short break on the account of the Easter holiday, but as we’re back on track with full steam, so is our weekly roundup with some of the best new Android apps and games that have surfaced on the Play Store. This time, we’ve got plenty of awesome games, so you will have some new titles for your smartphone or tablet. So, without further ado, let’s have at it!

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft (Free)

Oh boy, oh boy, if this is your first time hearing about Hearthstone, then take my honest advice – do not install and play the game, because it is one of the most addictive games you’ll ever play. I know because I am one of its ‘victims’. But leaving this aside, the release of the game for Android devices is a moment millions have been waiting for. I have have been playing it for the past few days and can say that I’m pleased with what has been achieved with this.

Google Handwriting Input (Free)

Google has released the new Handwriting Input app for Android devices which lets users handwrite text on their phone or tablet in 82 languages. The app comes with support for both printed and cursive writing, and you can also choose to use a stylus. You can even use emojis to better express yourself. The app works across your Android phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 and up. Have a look at the above video to see how the app looks like.

Space Marshals ($5.99)

Space Marshals is a brand new Android game from developer Pixelbite which has already amassed quite a lot of positive reviews from those who have played it. Described as a ‘sci-fi wild west adventure taking place in outer space’, the game comes with a very good looking design and an episodic storyline which unwraps in three chapters. The game comes with a wide range of weapons and gear, performance based mission rewards, multiple factions to fight with or against, dual stick controls as well as gamepad controller support and Google Play achievements & leaderboards.

Gramophone Music Player (Free)

Although it’s still in beta, Gramophone Music Player is said to be one of the best looking music player apps for Android devices. According to the developer, the entire user interface matches the material design guidelines, making full usage of Android Lollipop’s scene transitions and ripples. The app comes with Last.fm integration, so it automatically downloads additional information about your artists such as pictures or the artists biographies. And, of course, it gets all the standard features, such as create and edit playlists, the homescreen widget, lockscreen playback controls and more.

WWE 2K ($9.99)

Wrestling fans now have another new game that they can play on their Android smartphones or tablets – WWE 2K. The game comes with authentic WWE Action, Superstar Entrances, wrestling moves,  favorite match types, and more. Inside the game, you will be able to create a Superstar, play in career mode, participate in training and enjoy real-time multiplayer matches. The game also comes with a lot of unlockable content which lets you further customize your created Superstar.

Castro (Free)


Castro is a new Android app which shows all the general information about your device. So, through its very simple and nice looking user interface, you can get information about the CPU, battery status and temperature, information about mobile network and Wi-Fi. The app also monitors your RAM and internal memory. I’ve installed the app and can say that it can be pretty useful to access all this kind of information in a single central location.

Dragon Hills (Free)

Dragon Hills is a new game from Rebel Twins which brings a lot of fun to your daily activities. The game lets you ‘take control of a very dangerous Dragon’ as you need to ‘help the furious princess on her revenge mission’. You will slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying all the things that you encounter. The game comes with fully destructible terrain, epic boss battles, upgradeable weapons, armor and explosive power-ups available for unlocking and much more.

Electro Rush (Free)

Electro Rush, just as described, is truly a very simple game to play on your Android device. And it seems that this has proved to be the perfect recipe for the success it has enjoyed so far. In the game you will be able to upgrade your paddle and turn the ball into a deadly weapon. Your mission is to destroy your opponent before you are destroyed yourself. And if you survive until then, your final mission will be to defeat the terrible ultra-boss Arclord.

VGBAnext ($6.99)


VGBAnext is a new GBA/GBC/GB emulator for Android devices which lets you bring back old memories as you can use it to play old games. The game supports full screen landscape and portrait modes, Moga and iCade gamepads, Nyko PlayPad, Xperia Play, Wiimote and Sixaxis. Even more, it comes with support for GoogleTV devices running Android 4.x (Jelly Bean). You can use the built-in Cheatopedia for cheat codes on dozens of popular games. You can save the gameplay at any point, and it’s also possible to rewind the gameplay 16 seconds back with a single keypress. Also, you can record the game soundtrack to MIDI files and use them as ringtones. This app comes with so many features that it’s a must-have for those looking for such functionality.

Cava Racing (Free)

Racing games are awesome, and that’s why you will be interested in the new Cava Racing game for Android. The game comes with skilful slides, tactical boosts, twisted teleports and much more. Cava Racing comes with fast tracks & ships, tilt, button, and screen joystick controls, leaderboards for all tracks to compete with friends as well as quick menus and restart option.

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