Some of you are eagerly waiting for the Apple Watch to arrive at your door, and I’m sure you can’t wait for it to finally arrive. Today is the day when Apple’s first smartwatch officially launches to millions of customers, and the guys over at iFixit thought it’s the perfect moment to tear it down.


Here’s a reminder of the main specs of the device, in case you were wondering – pressure-sensitive, flexible, touchscreen AMOLED Retina display, custom-designed Apple S1 SiP (System in Package), 8 GB onboard storage, NFC + Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer + gyroscope + heart rate monitor + microphone + speaker, Watch OS. We looked through iFixit’s findings and came up with some of the most important discoveries that they made. So, let’s see what lies inside this little marvel of technology.


  • There’s a 205mAh battery on the inside, which is smaller than the batteries found in devices like the Moto 360. However, iFixit believes that this actually means the operating system could be more power efficient than Android Wear, even if the device comes with a smaller battery. Also, the battery is replaceable, which is going to be great for heavy users.
  • Unlike the Apple Watch Sport, the back cases of the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition come with a zirconia ceramic cover with sapphire lenses. This is one of the reasons why those models are more expensive. Here are 3 reasons why Apple has opted for that specific material.
  • It seems that inside the Sport Band slot, iFixit discovered a diagnostic port. This will allegedly allow Apple engineers to diagnose problems with the devices. It’s really a small miracle to see Apple stuff in such a small device a lot of technology like this.
  • Apple is making it very difficult to swap out the S1 processor chip that powers the watch, so this basically puts an end to the rumors which were saying Apple could offer an upgrade program for the Watch.
  • The heart rate monitor in the Apple Watch is also able to take your blood oxygen level as well, but it seems Apple has never claimed this because of the FDA regulations.
  • The Apple Watch contains some of the smallest screws there are, but then again, we were pretty much expecting this, right?

If you’re more of a video guy and you don’t have patience to read all the details, have a look at the video from below where iFixit makes it all seem very clear and simple to understand.

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