It’s hard not to get your smartphone in bed with you, when you’ve just heard about that new awesome game. Or when you just want to watch a movie stream, or check your Facebook feed, or whatnot. And as you’re all set and comfy, you realize that your battery is almost dead. The last thing you want to do is go and find that charger. Somebody has thought about this, as well, and that’s why they came up with Couchlet.

Couchlet is a very simple USB port which transforms your couch or bed into a power station. If you are sitting on the couch while your phone is charging or you are having trouble reaching your charger from the bed, then Couchlet is something you might be interested in. For $16, you will get one USB couchlet and a one 6-foot USB cable.


Couchlet is quite slim, so you can easily fit it between the cushions of your couch or under your bed’s pillow; and the pretty long cable helps quite a lot, since you can use all the surface. The Couchlet comes with two USB ports and a folding arm, so you and somebody else can charge his device. You can use the folding arm to place it under your mattress, which is even more convenient.

The charger comes with the following dimensions: 6.25″ x 2″ x 0.75″ and the arm is 5 inch long. At the time of writing this, the team has already managed to crowdfund more than $44,000, which is $150 of their goal, with 49 days still left. So, would you be interested in such a device or you feel it will make your smartphone addiction even worse?

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