Wireless charging is a really neat feature to have in your smartphone, but this won’t help you out when you are away from an outlet. And maybe you don’t have a portable battery, or you just find it tiresome to use one. So if you are looking for a device that could combine these two features, then the ON charger might be something of interest to you.


The On case is a magnetized Qi wireless charging case which sticks to your phone to let it ‘feed’ from a magnetized wireless charging battery (On Charger). So, as we can see, the system is comprised of two parts – the case and there’s a charger, but the case will only work with the iPhone 6 for now. on-charger

If the gadget will receive enough funds, then Rubix, the company behind the gizmo, will bring the magnet-only On Cases for the already Qi-enabled Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, as well as the bigger On Case for the iPhone 6 Plus. Rubix suggests that magnetic Charge Ring ‘creates the best charging experience’ as ‘the case and charger simply snap together and charge’. While that might probably be true, only a few devices will get the full experience.

As for the On Charger, we’re talking about a 13.9mm-thick device with a 5,000 mAh battery with two output options: a fast 2A current over a USB cable or a standard 1A over close-proximity wireless transmission and it also comes with a wireless power receiver at the bottom. It will work with any Qi device, but have a look at this list to see if your device is there.

The ON Case and ON Charger are available in both matte black and matte white color options, and at the moment you can get 1 ON charger for just $59. If you have an iPhone 6, for $99, you will get both the charger and the case. Personally, while I like a lot ideas like these, I would like to see them include not just top smartphones in their main plans, but also to reach out to poorer-specced devices, as well.


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