Camera is one of the most important things we look at when buying a new smartphone. There are so many things to consider, and sometimes we need to listen to the experts in this field. Of course, the best expertise is your own experience with it, but it’s good to know where your current or future smartphone stands in terms of camera performance.


DxOMark is a software company that develops image processing software and also maintains a website with technical measurements of lenses and cameras. From time to time, they also take a new smartphone and thoroughly analyze the performance of its camera(s). Back in September, they were claiming that the newest iPhones have the best cameras and now, after the Galaxy S6 Edge has been in their labs, they say that Samsung’s flagship handset is now the smartphone with the best camera.

DxOMark says the device has achieved outstanding scores in its Mobile industry standard tests, thus becoming the new top-ranked device in their database, as you can see in the screenshot from below. While they are listing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge only, you probably know that the device has the same specs as the Galaxy S6.


The S6 sits on the first place with an overall score of 86, being followed by another device from Sammy, the Galaxy Note 4 with 83. The iPhone 6/6 Plus duo comes after with a rating of 82, being followed by last year’s Galaxy S5 with 79. So, at least according to Dx0Mark’s results, it seems that Samsung is truly a master of optics. Here are the pros and cons of the smartphone’s photo capabilities, as well as the ratings for various features: sgs6-vs-iphone-6-camera

  • Pros – very fine detail and low noise levels when shooting in bright light, good exposure, fast autofocus, nice White Balance and color in all outdoor conditions, good level of detail preserved in low-light shots, excellent flash-only results: good detail with minimal noise, accurate White Balance and good color
  • Cons – noise noticeable in low-light shots, slight color fringing noticeable, mixing flash and tungsten light results in slightly yellow/green White Balance

We sometimes can be ‘deceived’ just by the photo capabilities of a device, but we need to pay attention to its video side, as well, especially if you plan to use your smartphone for that. And here’s what Dx0Mark’s scores say about this: dx0mark-video

  • Pros – fine detail with low noise when shooting in both bright and low light, good exposure, good White Balance and color
  • Cons – strong “jello” effect, slight flare is noticeable shooting in bright lighting conditions, slight color shading noticeable shooting in low-light conditions

Even if the Galaxy S6 duo seems to be the best, let’s not forget that this is just the opinion of the guys from Dx0Mark. I’m almost sure that there are others out there with equally reliable ways of testing who will say that the new iPhones actually have the best cameras. But what’s for sure is that the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge can take some really nice pictures.

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