It’s the week after Apple Watch release and app-wise, things are starting to settle down. We haven’t seen any major app releases this week. The app developers are taking the day off after pushing the Watch update, we get it.


Still, we have enough to keep you entertained. From minimal, challenging puzzle games to an easy way to annotate images right from the Photos app, we’ve got you covered.

1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down!

This week’s free app of the week is a puzzle game called Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down!. You’re a fireman, there’s fire but between it and you there are jumbled up puzzle pieces. All you have to do is arrange them in a way that the water from your hose can reach the fire. Like any other puzzle game it starts out easy and then gets complicated. The game’s styling takes me back to the Contra era.

2. TechPP’s Game of the Week : Battledots ($0.99)

Battledots is a minimal strategy game like no other. You can play it on your own, with a friend on the same device or you can play it online. As the name suggest, it’s a battle of the dots. The game opens up lanes where you send dots across to fight against your opponent. If it makes it over to the other side, you get a point. The game gives you a super fast dot and a shield dot as well, to help you out.

That’s all there is to it but don’t think it’s an easy game. You need to factor in how your opponent is playing at all times. You need to make your move based on the dots coming your way.

3. Magic 8 Ball

The iconic Magic 8 Ball now has an official app that works with iPhone and Apple Watch. All you do is type in your question and shake the device. The ball will spin and you’ll have your answer.

4. The Line Zen

The Line Zen is a game made for zen masters. Really. It’s almost impossible to play this game for a long time if you aren’t one. The premise is simple. You tap and hold on the screen and move your finger to move the ball. The ball travels through a line where you’re thrown all kinds of obstructions. All you have to do is not hit anything.

5. Orbits


And now for something that’s actually fun to play, check out Orbits. The app’s description simply reads: “Collect the diamonds to finish the level. Jump from circle to circle. Timing is everything. Watch out for the spikes. Simple… or is it?”

The game is challenging yet really fun to play.

6. Typorama ($1.99)


Typorama is a new app for adding cool text on images. It’s like Over but brings on many texts styles. Sharing to any of your favorite social networks is a 1 tap affair.

7.WorldRecipes by EXPO MILANO 2015


WorldRecipes is a free app created to promote Milan Expo 2015. But for a free promotional app, it’s quite good. There’s a large collection of recipes for dishes from across the world and searching through them is a breeze. The app favors Italian dishes. So if you were ever interested in learning about Italian dishes, check out this app.

8. Printastic – Photo books, made easy


Printanstic makes it really easy to create photo books. All you need to do is select photos from your Camera Roll, arrange them in any way you like (which is as easy and tapping and moving things around) and order it from within the app. A photo book starts from $29 for 24 pages and deliveries are within 5 days in US.

9. Basketball Showdown 2015

Remember that Paper tossing game you were oh so amused by in 2011? Well Basketball Showdown is the same game 4 years later but with basketballs. Ok, it’s a lot more than that. What makes this app great is the social aspect. You can compete with your friends or anyone in the world.

10. App Update: Skitch


Skitch by Evernote is one of the best apps for annotating images on iOS. Now it offers extensions support so you can annotate the image without ever leaving the Photos app. In my testing it worked well, there were no crashes.

Bonus: This Week in Apple

There’s always something going on in the Apple world. Here are some links to Apple related stories from around the web that managed to catch our attention and some, even capture our imagination.

How’s your week going? If you’ve found a new awesome app that we forgot to cover this week, leave a comment below. Also, may the 4th be with you.

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