It’s only one month to the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), where we’ll probably see the first glimpse of iOS 9, the next version of OS X and maybe even that native Watch SDK?


Till we wait in anticipation, we’ve got some cool and useful apps lined up for you. From an app that lets you pretend to be Mozart to an alarm clock app that will give you a summary of your day to a well-known service where you can backup up to 1000 GBs of your photos, all for free. Stick around to the end of the post for a new section in this weekly, free/discounted apps. Let’s get started.

1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: Toca Nature

This week’s free app of the week is a kids game called Toca Nature. If you can’t take your kids to the forest, bring the forest to them. With Toca Nature, your kids can create their own forest. Make mountains, plant trees, cut them down, create lakes and more.

2. TechPP’s Game of the Week: Into The Circle

Into The Circle is a pool game taken out of the pool table. You start out with a ball and a range of circles. Your aim is to tap on the ball, hold to decide the speed and then lift the finger to send it off. The ball should land within the circle. Then you do that again, and again.

3. Summarise


Summarise is a new alarm clock app with a bit of twist. With Summarise, you can have a summary of your day after you wake up. You spend 10 minutes staring at your phone’s screen (mostly Twitter) after waking up anyway. So why not grab some important information while you’re at it?

Summarise will let you add custom cards for weather, email (from the last 12 hours), news, calendar, reminders, tweets (from the last 12 hours) and birthdays. The app is free but you’ll have to pay $0.99 to unlock the birthday and calendar panels.



THRED is a new “storytelling” app. It’s basically like a deck of Instagram photos that you can swipe through left/right to create a narrative you can’t with just 1 photo. The app lets you add text and stickers to make things interesting.

5. App Update: Noon Pacific


If you’re fond of listening to new songs, discovering new artists, you’ll like Noon Pacific. Noon Pacific delivers a mixtape of 10 songs every Monday. They’re handpicked from the best music blogs. Yes, you can access previous mixtapes (130 and counting). With the latest update, the app went free. No reason for you to not try it out.

6. Slim ($0.99)


Slim is a beautiful and simple weight/BMI tracking app. From the app’s homescreen you can see a graph of your weight, add target weight and set recurring reminders. The app comes with Touch ID protection so your data is safe from prying eyes and it also integrates with the Apple Health app.

7. Touch Pianist


Touch Pianist will let you pretend you’re Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. The app displays notes in form of colorful bubbles. You tap on the screen to play the notes and advance. Basically, the melody and notes are mapped out, you’re in charge of playing them. And app in the backgrounds makes sure what you’re playing isn’t complete crap. I tested this out, for science. Going all crazy by tapping on the screen still produced better music than I ever could in real life.

The app is free with ads and you can pay to remove ads and add more melodies.

8. Yoga8


Yoga8 is a minimal beginners Yoga app. Unlike Fitstar Yoga you won’t get video tutorials or a customized workout. What you will get is a simple app that lists a workout and shows you the poses and how long to do them. The app is free to start with and you can unlock app workouts for $1.99

9. App Update: Flickr


Flickr’s recent update makes it really easy to use it as your primary photo backup service. The Camera Roll feature that has existed for a long time is now prominent in the app. Using Flickr’s auto backup feature, you can backup every photo you take on your iPhone automatically. The best part is that Flickr gives you 1000 GB of backup for free and backed up photos are private by default.

10. Linqapp


Linqapp is like Google Translate except the translators are humans. It’s a social translation app where you can ask people from around the world to translate something for you. This is great for things were Google Translate won’t help you. When you’re dealing with words that don’t have a counterpart in other cultures or if you want to learn about local slangs.

Bonus: App Deals for Monday, May 11th

Rocket Pets ($0.99 -> Free)

Tiles ($1.99 -> Free)

Math Racer 3.0 ($7.99 -> Free)

NOTE’d ($1.99 -> Free)

Zen Sketch ($1.99 -> Free)

– Pic Sync for WiFi ($1.99 -> Free)

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