There are many upcoming Android apps and games, and it’s pretty hard to keep track to all of them. And when you have a few which are your favorite, you just have to keep following the news or register for updates on the developer’s website. But Google has come up with a much simpler way to do that – it will allow Android users to pre-register for upcoming apps and games before they are launched.


The new feature is just rolling out and at the moment it’s available only for certain apps and games, without a list of sorts being available. If you are waiting for a game or app to be released, go ahead and search for the title and see whether it has ‘pre-register’ button as in the above screenshot. Once the app is released, you will receive a notification on your device. If you are no longer interested in the game, you can simply unregister.

By pre-registering, you are not obliged to buy or even download the app, as you’re merely signing up to be informed when it becomes officially available. While it’s great to see such a feature being implemented, the downside, at least for the moment, is that no price or release date are being listed on the app page. Of course, it’s the developers who need to submit that kind of information, but sometimes it’s pretty risk for them to set a release date and then have to change it.

Personally, I would love Google to release another similar feature like this – a notification when an app or a game from your wishlist goes on sale. This would definitely help users get their favorite games and apps at the perfect moment. But then again, maybe Google isn’t that interested in promoting free content. But, who knows, maybe they will deploy it in the future, as well.

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