A week has passed, which means we’re back with our usual roundup with some of the best new Android apps and games that have made their way into the Play Store. This time we’ve got a good collection of games, so if you were looking to add some new ones on your Android smartphone or tablet, now is the right time to do it. Also, do check out our previous roundup, as well as this week’s sister list with the newest and greatest iOS apps, as well.

Lego Star Wars: TCS (Free)

LEGO and Star Wars fans from all over the world will be excited to hear that there’s a new Android game which combines in a single title their passions – Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. The game comes with 6 story mode levels, as well as bonus content, such as Bounty Hunter missions, a special Challenge Mode, Arcade Levels, and more. There are over 120 characters that you can play with, such as a Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Boba Fett and others.

Livescribe+ (Free)


Livescribe+ is a brand new Android app for Livescribe 3 owners which makes its features even smarter. By using the app, anything you create with your Livescribe 3 smartpen will show up instantly on your smartphone or tablet – notes, sketches, diagrams and drawings. The app also brings accurate handwriting search and lets you convert your handwritten notes to text and use them in any doc or app. Furthermore, you can also record and play back audio that synced to your handwriting and also make use of easy sharing options.

TinyKeep ($4.99)

It’s quite entertaining to play Role Playing Games on your Android smartphone or tablet, as you can take your games with you anywhere you go. So, if you’re into this kind of games, you need to check out TinyKeep from Digital Tribe. Since it requires a lot of graphics power, the game has been designed and optimized for Tegra powered devices such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the Google Nexus 9, but it might work with other device, as well. Your mission is to ‘embrace the role of a hopeless prisoner held deep in a forgotten dungeon who one day wakes up to find themselves mysteriously released‘. Have a look at the above video to see how the game looks like.

Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos (Free)

If you want to make some extra money by selling pictures online, you can now use the specialized Dreamstime app for that. By using the app you will be able to reach millions of potential customers, get real time sales notifications and you will be offered simple features to track sales and earnings. You can also track image statistics, easily upload from your smartphone or tablet and optimize images so that they can be easier found by potential buyers.

G.I. Joe: Strike (Free)

Combat games are always a nice way to kill time or just to have fun. G.I. Joe: Strike from Backflip Studios is a new entry on the Play Store, featuring a fast-paced, cinematic action gameplay. Your mission is to lead your own covert mission as Snake Eyes, the iconic G.I. Joe commando. You will be able to switch between martial arts and gunplay to fight the increase number of enemies. You will be able to collect and upgrade 100+ ability cards as you try to become the ultimate ninja commando.

Fruit Ninja: Math Master ($4.99)

Along with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and other similar games, Fruit Ninja is among the most popular casual mobile games, with hundreds of millions of downloads. Described as a perfect learning companion for ages 5 – 7, Fruit Ninja: Math Master combines an exciting adventure through jungles, temples and ancient ruins with math operations, like addition and subtraction, number sequences, shapes and fractions and more. And even if you’re not a kid, this is a pretty nice game to play to keep your basic math skills in order.

adidas Smart Ball (Free)

If you’re a soccer lover (as yours truly), and you also have a thing for smart devices, then you probably heard about the miCoach Smart Ball. This is basically a smart ball which has a few sensors on the inside, bringing interesting features, such as the power with which you’re shooting and the power of your spin. With the adidas Smart Ball app, you will be able to get kick tips and prove your ability with power and pro challenges. You will also be able to capture a video of your kick and challenge your friend with a top speed challenge.

Seabeard (Free)

Seabeard is another game from Backflip Studios which lets you ‘discover a giant ocean teeming with islands to explore‘. You will be able to perform a variety of activities, such as sailing, cooking, fishing or engaging in combat. You will be able to build your team from a one-man band to a crew of legend. The game is very well-designed and to my surprise, I’ve actually became glued to the screen for a good while. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking for a great casual Android game to play.

Bears vs. Art (Free)

Another new game from Halbrick Studios, the maker of Fruit Ninja, goes by the name of Bears vs. Art and is a quite ingenious puzzle game you might be interested in. Your mission is to discover 150 galleries with exciting puzzles around every corner. However, you need to plan your moves carefully or race the clock in timed challenges as each painting is protected by lasers, spikes and mind-bending portals. Have a look at the video from above and give it a try!

Empires and Allies (Free)

Empires and Allies is a brand new military strategy game from Zynga which, as always, lets you conquer the world. You will be able to design a perfect army using battle-hardened tanks, drones, helicopters, and more. As far as weapons go, you will have at your disposal tactical nukes, hellfire missiles, and orbital strikes. GRA is an evil terrorist organization which threatens the global and your mission is to defend your territories from other players

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