So the Steve Jobs movie trailer dropped this week. I think Michael Fassbender is going to do a great job at pretending to be Steve but I’m starting to lose faith in this whole exercise. The trailer makes me feel like the movie is going to be another The Social Network. Highly dumbed down and playing on the stereotypical “Steve Jobs” image the media created – hot-headed, crude, but a visionary who never got anything wrong. But, of course, Steve was much more than that. If you’re interested in peeling off the layers, I recommend you check out the new Becoming Steve Jobs book.


Talking about this week’s apps, we’re heading back to the wonderfully pixelated world of the 90s and bringing back some legendary games to the iPhone’s screen. On the productivity front, we have a cool new (handwriting) notes app and a way to merge your to-dos with your calendar. Exciting stuff.

1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: Magnetized


Magnetized is an abstract physics puzzle game where all you have to do is tap the screen to activate the magnets and stay away from the neon maze.

2. TechPP’s Free Game of the Week: Brickies


Brickies is the throwback to the classic breakout game that you probably played growing up in the 80s/90s because let’s face it, what else was there. Brickies is a throwback in the proper sense. It matches the pixelated style but adds a lot of fun elements and innovative levels to it. And, of course, using the touch screen to control the paddle is just way smoother than that off brand gaming stick.

3. Skiing Yeti Mountain


Continuing this week’s obsession with 90s throwbacks is Skiing Yeti Mountain. Unlike Ski Safari or Alto’s Adventure, this game is a portrait Skiing game that takes elements from real-world skiing, adds a yeti to the mix and brings it to your iPhone’s screen – in pixelated form of course.

4. NewsGIF


NewsGIF brings you real-world news (hey, there’s always crazy/funny stuff going on somewhere) backed by reaction GIFs. Yup, it’s silly and it’s fun.

5. 60Hz – TV Tracking


60Hz ($3.99) is a new addition to the plethora of TV tracking apps for iOS. But this one goes beyond just tracking and adds a level of discovery to the mix. Based on the shows you’re already tracking, the app will recommend you shows you’re most likely to enjoy. The app looks good and has a clean design.

6. App Update: QuizUp 2.0

QuizUp started as a really fun online multiplayer trivia game. I remember playing it a lot when it came out. Then, just like any other game, the novelty wore off in a couple of weeks. Turns out, that wasn’t just me. So the app is back with a 2.0 update that hopes to fix that issue – by adding a social network to the game. You’ll have a feed of updates from people you play games with. You can interact with your online buddies easily and more.

7. Arrive


Arrive is a really simple location sharing app for iOS. If your friend keeps bugging you every 5 minutes asking you how far you are from the dinner party, just send him a link via Arrive to avoid the whole annoyance.

8. ShoutKey


ShoutKey, much like Droplr, is the Snapchat for links. You can create a short link using the app that will self-destruct in a set time.

9. Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age


Carbo ($3.99 – currently 50% off) is a handwriting based note taking app for iPhone and iPad. If you’ve got a stylus and like taking notes like it’s 1940s, but on a strange slab of glass, download this app. It will help you write on the iPad in a clear way, will clean out the mess, organize your notes and will let share the notes in a variety of backgrounds.

10. Sunrise + Wunderlist

And lastly, this week Sunrise, probably one of the best free calendar apps available right now announced native integration with Wunderlist, probably one of the best task management apps available right now. If you’re the kind of person who manages their tasks using a to-do app and likes to stay on top of their calendar, check out both these apps. Adding tasks with due date in Wunderlist will automatically show up in your Sunrise calendar. Sunrise is legendary for the integrations it offers. I’ve tried the Trello integration and it’s pretty good.

App Deals for Monday, May 25th

The App Store’s currently running a sale on amazing apps and games so you can snatch up apps like Procreate Pocket, Weather Live, Enlight and games like Alto’s Adventure, Cut the Rope 2, TMNT Rooftop Run, Shadowmatic and more for just $0.99.

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