Microsoft is adding many new features to the final version of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, but also to its Office suite of products. According to fresh information coming from Neowin as well as Twitter account h0x0d, it seems that Microsoft is working on a new Office personal assistant which is allegedly coming to iOS, Android and Windows devices.


According to an early look at the upcoming app, Office Now is like a personal assistant which tries to organize your day and brings relevant stuff to your attention. For those aware, the product is said to be reminiscent of the functionality of Office Delve, but with a bigger focus on your daily activities.

The app allows users to easily schedule meetings, find emails directed at them, get directions to meetings, join a conference call and many other features that are usually related to a work environment. Office Now will also extract a summary of your day, notifying you of any changes in your meetings, and also informing which of them are the most important ones.

At the moment, we don’t know when the app will be released by Microsoft, but what’s sure is that new features are being added to the app. As a matter of fact, here are some of the most recent ones which have been added to the latest version of the app: office-now-assistant

  • At-a-glance summary of your day – appears on your lock screen or notification center and shows a brief summary of how your work day looks like
  • Commute card – tells you what traffic looks like and how long your commute will take
  • Highlights card –  insights about your day: the time you’ll spend in events, when your first event starts and when your last event ends
  • Missed call card – sows any missed calls and provides a quick action to return the call
  • In-depth people insights – via a deep link into the Revolve app
  • Natural language event creation – lets you create events by recognizing your natural voice
  • Email to yourself card – displays any email that you send to yourself
  • Emails directly to you – shows emails that are sent directly to you from others

Many of us were expecting for Microsoft to integrate Cortana into Microsoft Office, but the company has taken a slightly different approach. Who knows, maybe the technologies used are similar, but we already seem to know that it’s going to have a different name.

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