Back in October, last year, Google unveiled its Nexus 6 smartphone (made by Motorola) and the Nexus 9 tablet (made by HTC) along with a  a new Android TV player. And as we’re drawing closer to the usual time of the year when Google announces new hardware, we’ve got some fresh rumors which are claiming that Google will be partnering this year with LG and Huawei for two new Nexus smartphones.


The reason why there were so many Motorola-made Nexus devices is obvious – the company belonged to Google at the time. But now Motorola is part of Lenovo’s portfolio, so Google must choose different partners now. The company has worked before with LG, as well, on the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 handsets, but Huawei could be a first for the company.

If Google does indeed come up with two Nexus phones in one year, then this would be the first time it happens. According to AndroidPolice, the two new smartphones are currently known as LG Angler and Huawei Bullhead, which are obviously their codenames. The LG Angler is said to feature a 5.2-inch screen and a battery of a 2700mAh capacity. Of course, these are all rumors, and their specs could change any moment, but LG is said to planning to use the Snapdragon 808 processor.

As for the Huawei Bullhead, the handset could sport a 5.7-inch screen and Snapdragon 810 on-board with a battery capacity of around 3500mAh. So at least from these preliminary specs, it would seem that Huawei’s handset is going to be the better version of the two Nexus smartphones.

As for the upcoming Nexus tablet, it seems that Google will stick with the Nexus 9 for one more year, as there is no Nexus tablet is in the works for now. When it was released, the Google Nexus 9 tablet introduced a new form factor to the Nexus tablet lineup, but this time it seems that Google will take break. Could they be waiting for Apple’s move on this matter, which could be a bigger-sized 12-inch iPad Pro?

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