Here at Technology Personalized we’re no strangers to apps which can help you track your mileage, and in the past we’ve talked about Truvolo and Roadster. A new free app has come to our attention and it sports some new features which are definitely worth taking into account. Developed by troii Software GmbH, the new Tour app could be the mileage log app you were looking to use on your iPhone.


The main feature of the app is that it comes with automatic mileage logging, which saves you the trouble of inputting all by yourself. The app knows you’re on foot or going by car and automatically tracks your mileage. It comes with Foursquare integration, as well, letting you easily choose the places you’ve visited.

A recent update has been released which comes with iBeacon Car Detection, being able to turn recording off once you exit the car. Furthermore, this new version also brought support for Apple Watch, so you will now be able to make use of all these nice features from your wrist.

So, if you put an iBeacon-compatible hardware transmitter into your car, the app will skip any other rides like your bike, public transport or another car. Furthermore, the app allows you to create your own categories and classify your trips as work-related, personal and as you like. The mileage statistics is neatly arranged by year, month, week, and category. And if you want to, you can also export your data to Excel or as CSVs for further analysis.

The app is available for free but there are several features that you can unlock by paying. You can also buy a Tour Car Detection iBeacon (battery lasts up to 2 years) for 39 euros. The single drawback that this app has is obviously the GPS use which reduces your battery life. However, the team behind the app wants to assure us that they are constantly trying to optimise the GPS usage and improve battery life.

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