Happy WWDC day you guys. It’s around 12 hours till the big keynote address and I can hardly wait. Even though Gurman, as always, has ruined most of the show for us (while the will-they-won’t-they game for a new Apple TV is still on). But still, I’m excited to see which tacky colorful shirt Eddy Cue wears this time and I’m due on my Craig Federighi’s dad jokes for the year. As always, Apple is live streaming the event and you can find details about that here.


But between now and then, we’ve got time to kill and what better to do than to try out apps. It’s amazing that it’s been around 7 years since the iPhone SDK came out and we’re still seeing apps that are trying to make everyday experiences a little bit better, a little bit easier. Let’s get to it.

1. App Store’s Free App of the Week: 2Do

After couple weeks of bringing delightful indie and puzzle games as free apps of the week, Apple is turning to productivity apps for a change. This week’s free app is 2Do that usually sells for $14.99. That price alone should convince you to give this app a whirl. The award-winning universal app runs on iPhone, iPad and even on the Watch. The app is customized for GTD users, with features like smart lists, groups, tags, tasks editor and more. To celebrate the App Store feature, the company is providing the Mac app at 50% off for $24.99.

2. TechPP’s App of the Week: Vee for Video

Vee for Video ($1.99) focuses on the often neglected part of your iPhone camera’s experience – video. Shooting it, editing it, making it worth sharing and then sharing on the web. You can shoot videos in 1080p up to 240 FPS on the newer iPhones and edit it all in the easy to use and intuitive interface.

3. Textshot+


Textshots are all the rage on Twitter these days. They’re a clever and beautiful way to circumvent Twitter’s 140 character limit. Textshot+ lets you select text in a browser like Safari, convert it into a good looking image and share it on Twitter in a couple of seconds.

4. App Update: ETA 2.0


The popular driving assistant app ETA ($1.99) got a fresh new update today with snazzy design, Apple Watch support and more features. ETA is a GPS-based driving assistant app for people who live in large cities. Save frequent locations like your work and home to the app and it will give you the ETA for when you’ll arrive there based on your current location and traffic.

5. StiKey – Sticker Keyboard


You’ve seen productivity keyboards, emoji keyboards, GIF keyboards, now meet your first sticker based keyboard. StiKey takes the phenomenon that are stickers out from apps like Line and Messenger and makes the available (as images) to any messaging app using an iOS 8 custom keyboard.

6. Quik Downloader


iOS doesn’t have a downloader app. There have been third-party browsers with this functionality, but they’re either slow or bloated with ads. Quik Downloader ($1.99) is neither. And if you’re using iOS 8, you don’t even need to deter from Safari to start downloading stuff. Go to the download page in question, bring up the share sheet, select the Quik extension and the app will start downloading the file for you.

7. Streaks


Streaks ($4.99) is a simple and beautiful habit tracking app. We all want to get better in life. Run every day, give up drinking, wake up early and on and on. But one of the best ways to do it consistently is to track it. If you see that you’ve done something for the past 10 days, you’re more likely to do it on the 11th day and not break the chain than if you had no data at all. It’s called the Seinfeld Strategy and it’s coined by the famous comedian. Streaks puts this methodology and pretty visuals to good use.

8. appFigures


appFigures is an iPhone app for developers for keeping a track of your app downloads, ad revenue and more via the appFigures service right on your iPhone.

9. Opener ‒ open links in apps


Android has this cool system where when you click on a YouTube link from anywhere in the OS, you get an option to open it directly in the official YouTube app instead of going to the browser. It’s the same for Twitter, Instagram and more. Opener ($1.99) is a new app that’s cleverly using iOS 8’s extension feature along with URL callback support in more than a thousand apps to give you a similar functionality. So instead of clicking the link, you bring up the share sheet, click the extension button and based on the link the app will provide compatible apps to launch the link in – say Tweetbot for Twitter or Overcast for podcasts.

10. Dash Radio

dash-2 dash-1

What first sounds like a gag from Silicon Valley’s Russ Hanneman is a real app. Yup, someone is still busy bringing the radio on the internet. And as revolutionary attempts go, this is a pretty good one. Dash Radio’s appeal is clear, you get ad-free music listening via internet radio – for free. Something none of the music streaming services can provide. The app shows a list of songs that are currently playing, and top stations based on genres.

App Deals for Monday, June 8th

PolyPic ($1.99 -> Free)

Space Qube ($2.99 -> Free)

Flick Tennis HD ($4.99 -> Free)

SuperPro Snowboarding ($1.99 -> Free)

Data Counter ($1.99 -> Free)

ThinkBook ($4.99 -> Free)

Super Notes ($2.99 -> Free)

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