BlackBerry’s business is slowly recovering, as the company has ended the fourth quarter of 2014 on a $28 million profit. However, it was the company’s software division which played a major role in the revenue increase, and not its hardware division. And while this shift of strategy is good for the company, it’s not helping it recover its iconic image of a reputable phone maker.


Now a fresh report coming from Reuters is suggesting that BlackBerry could actually consider making an Android smartphone. We’ve seen Nokia in a similar position, but the Finish company only went half-Android and it ultimately decided to nix it. So could BlackBerry be looking at a similar approach or it wants to go full Android?

The problem, in my opinion, is that when you buy a BlackBerry phone, the software weighs a lot in your decision, being part of the whole experience. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think the hardware is as important with BlackBerry as is its OS and what it can do. And we’ve seen that in its current flagship, as well, as the BlackBerry Passport is considered by many to have an ‘ugly’ or at least ‘weird’ design. What makes it special is its software and the perks that it has.

Even so, it’s a known fact that BlackBerry’s newest products have failed to win mass appeal, most likely on account of increasing iPhone sales and growth of the affordable market of Android phones. What’s interesting is that the sources who spoke to Reuters that such a move would be ‘part of BlackBerry’s strategy to pivot to focus on software and device management‘. So, in other words, the Canadian company is ready to let go of its iconic image and embrace Android as a financial salvation for its handset division.

The report goes on to suggest that BlackBerry could use Android on an upcoming slider device that could to be released this autumn. The smartphone will combine a touch screen with a physical keyboard, which is something you’d expect from them. BlackBerry already allows its users to run Android apps through the Amazon AppStore, so is the next step a device entirely powered by Google’s mobile OS? Could BlackBerry be another victim to Android’s charisma? We will probably find out this fall.

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