Apple tries its best to provide its users will all the tools they need, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the truth that their rivals have much better products. Gmail is one of them, with hundreds of millions of users across the world.


If you are a Mac user, you’ve probably wasted a lot of time trying to find a desktop email client for Gmail which truly works on your device. The developers behind Kiwi for Gmail claim that their new product can do just that, without having to work always inside the browser. Recently I’ve started looking for a desktop email client for Gmail, as I believe that this will help increase my productivity.

The guys behind this email client said they they’ve spent two years designing the new technology ‘that implements Gmail very differently from the browser or browser-clone apps.’ The result, says the developer, is a true email client and not a trimmed down browser. This means that you get all the default Gmail features along with some new ones. Here’s a breakdown of all the most important features that Kiwi for Gmail comes with:

  • powerful search, labels, keyboard shortcuts
  • filters, stars, chat
  • drive, inline buttons, google calendar
  • labs, priority inbox, buckets
  • important flags, archive, huge attachments

Inside the client, you can switch Gmail accounts, use Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts and other services, as well. According to the team, the new software solves three big problems:

  • Email programs including Apple’s Mail limit access to Gmail features and can hog memory
  • To use all Gmail features, Gmail must be used in a browser which can crash or perform slowly, especially when many tabs are open. Users search through tabs to find the one with Gmail inside
  • The reliability and beauty of Mac apps is missing from the Gmail experience

Kiwi also comes with a shortcut to open a Gmail compose window, and a nenubar helper which accesses each account that you have. You can also enable to receive notifications only from important emails and there’s also a “Zen switch” option which quiets email notifications. The Lite Version of the software comes with quite plenty of features, but the full version also gets you keyboard shortcuts, important-only notifications, do not disturb feature, additional account colors and Gmail plugins.

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