The official release date for Windows 10 is approaching fast and recently we’ve been hearing fresh news regarding Microsoft’s next version of its popular operating system. The most recent development regarding Windows 10 is the report regarding confusing treatment that Windows Insiders are getting.

Now we have some fresh news for Windows 10 users – it seems that Microsoft could be thinking of the possibility of selling Windows 10 on USB flash drives. German website has spotted some Windows 10 stock listings which show both DVD and USB flash drive versions of the upcoming OS.


Most of those looking to make the jump to Windows 10 will probably choose to download it online as an ISO version, while others might opt to buy the software DVD from a retail shop. But if this recent report turns out to be true, then Microsoft is thinking of using storage flash drives as an alternative to DVDS.


And, when you think of it, it makes sense – a flash drive is more durable than a DVD, take up less space and is easy to carry around. I guess I’m not the only who used to have a super scratched Windows install DVD that has been used by all my friends. Another reason why installing Windows from a USB stick is more convenient are the much faster transfer rates, which results in less time being spent on the installation (a very annoying process for many of us Windows users).

According to the report, the USB flash drive version of the OS will allow users to install and license Windows 10 (both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions will be included) for only one PC. Microsoft still hasn’t denied nor confirmed this rumor, but we will update once and if this happens.

Of course, the most convenient way for Microsoft to popularize a new Windows version is by digital downloads, but a flash drive can prove to be a better retail option than a paper box product. It’s worth pointing out that Apple now relies entirely on internet downloads for its operating system upgrades.

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