The wearables market is still in its early phase, but we’re seeing more and more ingenious products being introduced to consumers, and many of them become commercial products thanks to crowdfunding platforms. Such is the case with the new Myle Tap, a voice powered wearable which automatically convert your thoughts into actions via mobile applications.


Of course, it isn’t able to read your brain’s activity, as the previous sentence could lead you to believe, but instead it lets you speak out loud to easily take voice notes. Being a very small device, Myle Tap attaches to your clothing and as the name suggests, it starts taking notes once you tap on it. Once you do that, your notes are automatically synced, converted to text and then assigned to the responsible apps when your smartphone is in the Bluetooth range.

However, you don’t need your smartphone for Myle Tap to take notes, but only to transform them into actions. At the moment Myle Tap works with a wide range of apps, such as Facebook, Evernote, SalesForce, OneNote, Box, Slack, Twitter and many, many others. It can be just as easily used by regular users and by those looking to increase their work productivity.

You can use Myle Tap as a calorie counter, budget or time tracker, grocery list manager and in many other ways. Myle recognizes 42 languages and will work worldwide. The device clips easily and will make a tiny buzz to let you know that it has started recording your voice note. You can get this gadget for a price of $79 on IndieGoGo.

At the moment the team behind Myle Tap has managed to gather almost $100,000 which is twice their initial goal. Once this happens, they will release the device in five colors. If they get $200,000, then the device will get new shapes – circular, rectangular, diamond and triangular. And if they manage to get as much as half a million, then the device will also be endowed with fitness tracking features.


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