Microsoft is believed to make available the upcoming Windows 10 for mobile devices sometime during the end of this September. We’ve seen the company being busy behind the curtains releasing frequent Windows 10 builds, but when it comes to upcoming phones that Microsoft is planning to release, the information hasn’t been as consistent.

Fresh information coming from is now suggesting that that Microsoft is working on a couple of accessories that will most likely accompany the new smartphones once they are announced. The new devices are currently known under the following codenames – Valora, Munchkin, Murano and Livana and are said to be heading to market later this year. ‘Later this year’ could very well mean the same September date we were talking about.


The above graphic is showing a glimpse at the upcoming accessories, with Valora believed to be the next-gen Treasure Tag. The device was recently spotted on FCC’s website and is believed to get a new ‘Motion Guard’ feature which would alert users when the tag is moved. Ivanna or Livana could be an updated MD-12 wireless Bluetooth speaker while Murano seems to be an improved HD-10 screen-sharing and Miracast device.

But the most important accessory and a brand new one seems to be Munchkin. The device’s shape makes it similar to a docking station, and it also comes with selection of ports for USB peripherals and displays. This device would allegedly enable users to utilize the new Continuum feature for phones.

The accessory is believed to act as a hub with connections for USB and video output for those who want to make use of this feature but don’t have a compatible wireless display. This also allows for the use of a wired keyboard or mouse. This could actually be a very important piece of hardware for Microsoft as it would enable Windows Phone to act like a full-fledged computer with universal Windows Apps. And if we take into account that Microsoft makes it easy for devs to convert iOS and Android apps into Windows ones, then yes, it will mater a lot.

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