If you want technology to help in your travels, then you can make use of various apps for that, as well as plenty of gadgets. But if you’re looking for specific help with finding the best price on your flights, then there are quite a few services out there, such as Wanderio and others.


TripDelta is another new service which claims to find the best price on your flights by discovering hidden fares. It is somewhat similar to Wanderio, only that it lets you compare the price they are able to offer with the original price. TripDelta says that it checks millions of connections to find the best route at the best price.

In order to find hidden flights TripDelta is combining rival airlines and also comes with a smart area search which analyzes every airport near your start and destination. Further, return flights are split into open jaw tickets, which results in one of the best prices that you can get. I’ve used the service a few times and I must say that it did manage to offer some pretty nice deals. However, sometimes its offer wasn’t better than what I managed to find on other such similar service, but let’s blame it on the beta state that it’s currently in.


TripDelta’s search tool combines rival airlines on oneway/return flights instead of showing only connecting flights as standard online travel agencies usually do. There’s a small drawback, however, as a traveler who needs to book separate tickets on separate carriers may have to check their luggage in separately during layovers. There could also be complications when a certain flight is delayed ir a connection is missed, but let’s hope that the team behind the startup will come up with improvements.


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