One of the queries that we have been receiving about the Yureka Plus since its launch yesterday was whether it featured the same camera as the original Yureka did. Well, on paper, it definitely did. As per the official spec sheet received by us, both devices have 13.0-megapixel cameras with Sony sensors, although there have been a few rumours flying around that the Yureka Plus came with a newer variant of the Sony sensor.


We have asked the company for a response, but even as we were waiting for a reply, we decided to take some sample shots to see if there were any significant differences between the two cameras. We stuck to auto mode and made no tweaks whatsoever in the settings.

The results are there for you to see. And yes, there are some clear differences between the two cameras – the one oddity we noticed was that pictures on the (original) Yureka seemed to have a slightly larger file size than the Yureka Plus. Also, pictures taken by the Yureka Plus seemed to have a slightly ‘warmer’ feel to them, with colors that seemed a bit brighter and did not have the shades of bluish grey that sometimes crept into the Yureka. Neither camera is a low light wizard, although shots taken by the Yureka Plus seem to be just a bit lighter in general. The Yureka rather surprisingly (well, it IS more than six months older) held its own when it came to detail – we could read licence plates of fast moving traffic – even though colors seemed slightly faded on it. In the front facing camera, both devices yield similar results.

Note: Yureka on left, Yureka Plus on right. Click on each to open the full resolution versions hosted on Flickr





















Our conclusion, based on this brief shooting essay: the camera on the Yureka Plus does not seem a huge step forward from the one on the Yureka, although it does seem to deliver slightly brighter colors. But that is hardly a bad thing as the shooter on the Yureka was quite a steady performer and better than many on the market (read our review of the Yureka’s camera here).

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