For many of us, our laptops are our main work tools, and we carry them with us everywhere we go. But while they are some really useful devices, there are moments when you could make use of an extra screen. And if you don’t want a traditional multi-monitor setup, then Slidenjoy is something that might be of great interest to you.


Currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Slidenjoy is described as being ultra-thin, light, portable and free-standing. As you will see in the video from below, it’s quite easy to unfold it, thus adding one or two extra screens to your laptop. This ingenious piece of gadgetry attaches to the back of their laptop bringing a full panoramic display and allowing you to share content through its 180 degrees rotation. There’s no better way to describe it than the dream of any multitasker out there. slidenjoydzdz

The Slidenjoy accessory is powered and connected by a single USB port, which makes it really easy to enable. It works for Mac and Windows laptops, comes with a full HD screen and has aluminium hinges. Sliden’Joy can be used web development, graphic design, photography, business, gaming, architecture, design and in anything else, really. You can also use it during meetings as the Sliden’Joy can be positioned in triangle, as well.

You can choose between two models of Sliden’Joy – 1 or 2 external screens; it comes in 3 available sizes – 13, 15 and 17 inch with even more options coming soon. The regular version is made from rigid high quality plastic, the device is available in the following colors – yellow, green, red, blue, pink, turquoise, orange, black and white while the premium model is made from rigid high quality materials, and comes in brushed aluminium, light wood, dark wood, alcantara and leather. There’s also a limited edition in in carbon and full grain leather.

At the time of writing this, more than 1000 backers have pledge around €430,027, thus exceeding the initial goal of €300,000, with 18 days still left to go. This means that Sliden’Joy could be adapted to touchscreen technology and the team is also looking to integrate a long-life battery right in the accessory and make it available for Linux users, as well.

If you will pledge €199, you will receive a Sliden’Joy with one additional screen “single” regular, in any of the 9 colors available with an estimated delivery in this December. For  €299 you will receive a Sliden’Joy two additional screens “twins” regular, in any of the 9 colors available.

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One thought on “Slidenjoy is the World’s First Accessory that Doubles or Triples your Laptop’s Screen

  1. Read here before getting your hopes too high for this product:

    They started a campaign on Kickstarter, and once it got funded they forgot about their backers, moreover, we discovered everything they said on their campaign was a lie. They didn’t even have a prototype! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A PROTOTIPE RIGHT NOW!

    The creators of SlidenJoy shows a complete lack of respect for their backers. I encourage everyone check out the comments on there and judge for yourself.

    They keep saying they’ll provide an update “next week”. But it never happened. Usually, it’s delayed for at least 2 weeks. Two FULL WEEKS without any explanation as to why! And always empty updates lacking of any information.

    So far, they’ve provided some photos of a “prototype” and that was it. No update/photos on actual production materials etc, nothing.

    We are kept completely in the dark about the entire process. They ignore Kickstarter backers and continue to travel around the world to pull in “investors”.

    They always BS saying they’re taking their time to write the “perfect” update, or that they didn’t have time, but they always check their Facebook almost everyday and reply to people there.

    They delete or block messages/users on their Facebook to hide negative feedback and in their Kickstarter update on February 6th, you can see their lack of respect for their backers (that made it happen in the first place).

    They’ve already delayed the delivery without an estimated delivery date. See where this is going?

    And remember, that those of you who preorder it, are supposed to get it AFTER the kickstarter backers… good luck with that

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