I’m sure that you have dozens of apps installed on your smartphone, and many of them bring up various notifications on your screen, cluttering your display beyond recognition. And what’s very annoying is that there are some notifications that aren’t that important, such as promotions or reminders to use a certain app.


Snowball prioritizes important notifications, such as messages, email and calendar alerts and brings them up, placing them above those that it considers less critical. The app is available for free and seems to be really great, the single drawback being that you need at least  Android 4.4 for it to run, so millions aren’t able to give it a try.

The app automatically gets rid annoying notifications, such as those when you are being informed that certain apps have been updated. Of course, you can still hide or prioritize future notifications, all with a single swipe. Snowball will also analyze your usage pattern, making predictions and suggestions over time.

Furthermore, instead of opening apps to replying to a Facebook, SMS or a WhatsApp messages, Snowball will allow you to simply reply right inline. The app also comes with a  a Quick Tools tab for access to system and network toggles, as well as shortcuts to your camera, flashlight, calculator and alarm clock.

You shouldn’t perceive Snowball as a toggle bar manager, since it actually doesn’t have that functionality, and what you find in Android Lollipop is more than enough. The main use of the app is to get rid of annoying alerts and notifications, so if you have too many of them, give it a shot.


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