Ink Space is a new Android app developed by Zach Lieberman and is also part of the initiative, where Google is showcasing a bunch of really cool Android apps. Described as a inkspace-android-appsmall experimental drawing tool, the app lets you easily sketch some doodles in 3D.

It does so by using the accelerometer on your android device to move the drawings you make in 3D. The video at the end of the article pretty much shows how the app looks like. I’ve been playing with it for the past 30 minutes and must say that it has managed to keep me glued to the screen.

Ink Space is incredibly easy to use, and the fact that your silly drawings instantly gain a 3D view is a pretty interesting concept. It just makes you to keep drawing various shapes, and see how they rotate. Here’s what the developer says about his app:

As an artist I’m experimenting with new types of drawing tools, and what does drawing in the 21st century look like ? — ink space is research in that realm. If have a drawing basically in your hands, what does it look like to move around that drawing and experience more as a dimensional form that requires you to both draw and move.

You can also create an animated line which pulses and re-draws itself and record an animated gif of whatever you make, as well. A simple double-tap deletes what you’ve made. It’s pretty obvious that the app is still an experiment, as you can’t save your creations, which is something that would be really nice. Let’s hope, though, that a future update will bring this feature, along with others.


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