Phones these days are becoming thinner and thinner, and some of them have their bezels seriously slimmed down, as well. All this is done in order to make the owner have an immersive experience. But what about a smartphone with a transparent screen, how awesome would that be?


This concept seems to be on the mind of the guys from ZUK, yes, that Lenovo-backed company which has released earlier this week their first smartphone (and a quite impressive one for its price). Normally, you’d expect this kind of news to be coming from known names, such as LG Display or others, but it seems that ZUK has the technology to make at least a prototype. zuk-transparent-smartphone

The unit was actually showcased at the end of the launch event for the ZUK Z1, and, as you can see from the images, the screen does seem to have a pretty advanced percentage of transparency. The prototype on display was allegedly able to display images, make phone calls, play music and perform other specific smartphone features.

While this is definitely a nice feature, it isn’t necessarily useful and doesn’t make the device faster or more powerful, but it certainly makes it look better. It goes without saying that these panels must cost a fortune, so I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for quite a while until we see such devices on the market. But who knows, maybe this is just one of the surprises that Zuk has in store for us. And boy, do we love surprises like these.


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