At a time when smartwatches are trying (but sort of failing) to replace traditional watches, a Swiss Luxury watch manufacturer is trying to balance the act by combining a Swiss watch and Apple Watch together! The dual faced watch from Swiss based Luxury watch company Nico Gerard has been produced by creating a bracelet which will allow users to wear both a traditional luxury timepiece and an Apple Watch together.


The Apple Watch is placed on the inside of the wrist and the company claims that this will provide an extra layer of privacy for the users. Nico Gerard President Adam Pluemer told BBC that “We were not going to give up our nice luxury Swiss timepiece for the Apple Watch, but it provides a ton of technological benefits.

The luxury watch maker is taking an aim at the premium segment of the market and as a result, the Nico Gerards Swiss-made dual-watchband starts at a whopping $9,300 for the “basic” stainless steel version and soars all the way up to a $112,000 for the 18 Karat gold Sunrise Pinnacle. All the variants are expected to bundle an Apple Watch (steel or gold) and feature a NG2824 Movement chronometer rated for depths up to 100 meters.

The Nico Gerard Pinnacle is up for pre-order but the delivery date of 10-12 months is something you have to bear with(in case you are considering to buy one!).

Apple Watch has been accused of snatching the sales from traditional Swiss watches and Nico Gerards newest creation plans on bringing both the watches together instead of directly competing with the Apple Watch.

That being said, we need to understand the luxury watches appeal to a certain niche of buyers and is not exactly a volume driven business. The added Apple Watch face can also prove to be troublesome by adding unintended attributes of heaviness and awkward ergonomics. It would be interesting to see how the traditional Swiss manufacturers will attempt to battle out the Apple Watch and sustain the evolving market.

Source: BBC

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