Microsoft seems to be hell bent on making Windows 10 more accessible so that users can give it a try atleast once. After several people downgraded to Windows 8.1, thanks to the crippled support for some of the apps, and the fact that Windows 10 has been gobbling up a lot of bandwidth due to its P2P update system is also keeping few of the potential Windows 10 users at bay.


Microsoft has announced support for a couple of virtual machines that will let users take the Windows 10 for a spin before upgrading. The downloads are actually aimed at providing the developers a simulated environment to test out their apps and also how their product functions on different versions of the Microsoft Edge web browser. The best part is that this feature is not exclusive for developers and literally anyone can check out the Windows 10 without sacrificing the comfort of their current Windows version.

The readily available simulators that have been doing rounds in the market include VMware, HyperV and Virtual Box. Additionally, Microsoft is en-route in releasing new formats including Vagrant boxes and QEMU. The company has promised improvised accessibility and will keep on tweaking the same in due course of time.

Microsoft has already mentioned the known bugs in the virtual machines. Windows 10 virtual machines may display a message in the settings app that reads “Connect to the Internet to activate.” This, as informed by Microsoft, is a bug and doesn’t impact the functionality of the virtual machine in any manner whatsoever.
The virtual machine is free of cost but it does come with a BIG catch i.e it can be used for a time period of 90 days only, post which the operating system will expire. The company further suggests that users can take a snapshot of the machine when first installed so that they can roll back to the image later. The free virtual machine can be downloaded from the Microsoft Edge Dev site in the “Free Tools section.”

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