Obi Mobiles, the relatively new smartphone brand backed by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley has had a rough time since its launch last year. And it looks like the company is sort of relaunching the brand as Obi WorldPhone soon. Obi has sent out invites for an event scheduled for August 26th in San Francisco.


As you can see, the invite simply mentions about the global launch of Obi Worldphone, but there seems to be more to it than a new lineup of smartphone(s) being launched. The previous website now redirects to, so it’s some sort of a brand relaunch. We hear that the company is trying to address the yawning gap between “high design high price” smartphones and “low price generic design” smartphones. This is very much a niche segment out there, but not everyone looks to play the volumes game anyway.

In a world which is getting heavily dominated by Asian and Chinese players, the likes of Obi (and Jolla) play a crucial role in adding balance to the growing smartphone market. Last year, when it launched, Obi tried to play the generic budget smartphone game with releases like this which obviously failed to attract eyeballs with no proper USP. There were over 15+ devices launched by the company – all in low end and mid-range segments within an year of launch, with some carrying outdated software like Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Specific details are scarce and the company is holding on to the information close to its chest, but the word on the street is that Obi is about to set right many of these things with the new Worldphone launch happening on August 26th. We will be there to cover the event, so stay tuned to know what exactly Obi has in store to offer in this highly competitive smartphone market.

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